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My Fiat Deposit (Cash) is Missing- What Should I Do?
My Fiat Deposit (Cash) is Missing- What Should I Do?

Detailed guide on dealing with pending or failed FIAT deposits.

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Depositing FIAT currency into your BC GAME account involves processing by a payment provider. The time taken to credit the deposited funds to your account can vary from as little as 1 minute to up to 2 hours, influenced by factors such as the choice of payment provider, bank, and currency. Please be aware that delays are more likely during weekends or public holidays.

Speeding up the Deposit Credit:

If you're looking to speed up your deposit, BC Game offers a ‘Hasten the Deposit’ feature. This can be found and activated directly from your account page, this feature will speed up crediting the funds to your account.

Note: After you click on "Hasten the deposit" you will be request to submit necessary payment proof and submit.

Steps to Take in case of Missing or Failed Deposits:

In case if your deposit is not credited within 2 hours, even after "Hastening the Deposit", you will have an option to submit a compliant.

  1. Go to transactions - > Deposits - > click on your deposit - which is either processing or failed.

  2. Then you will find an option to Submit a Complaint.

  3. After clicking Submit a complaint, you will have to fill out the necessary details and upload relevant screenshots associated with your deposit.

  4. After submitting the complaint, you will be assigned a Ticket ID, which can be used for future reference.

  5. If there are no issues with your deposit, then it should be credited as soon as possible. However, in some rare circumstances, it could take up to 24 hours.

Note: When providing screenshots of bank transfer details, ensure that crucial information is visible. This includes the transaction ID, date, amount, and recipient details (bank name, branch, and account number).

Beyond 24 hours, after Submitting Ticket:

In such case you will have to contact our live customer support with your Ticket ID. Please be prepared with all the necessary details and screenshots to provide associated with your Deposit to customer support, if at all required.

By following these structured steps and providing detailed information, you can significantly improve the chances of a quick resolution to any issues with missing fiat deposits at BC Game.

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