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How to Play Slot - Cave of Plunder?
How to Play Slot - Cave of Plunder?
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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Cave of Plunder, a one-of-a-kind slot game that combines exciting gameplay with fantastic rewards. This guide will walk you through the game mechanics and provide insight into the fairness verification process, so you can play with confidence and maximize your chances of winning.

How to Play Cave of Plunder Slot Game

Cave of Plunder features a unique setup with one reel displaying one symbol and three towers full of bonuses. Players accumulate bonuses in their cash pot every time they spin a special symbol shown on the towers. With each special symbol, they climb one rung up the bonus ladder. To cash out, players can either collect their winnings immediately or take a partial payout to continue climbing towards bigger prizes. Be cautious of the "SKELETON SKULL" symbol, as it can set you back one rung on the bonus ladder.

To start playing, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your bet: Select the amount and coin you wish to wager. This amount will be deducted from your balance, and the game will begin.

  2. Use MAX/MIN: Click or tap on the MAX/MIN button to set the maximum or minimum bet. Be careful, as no refunds will be given for MAX bet accidents.

  3. Set AUTO START: Set the number of bets and click the "BET" button to start the reel. Autostart can be stopped by pressing the Bet button again. Remember not to leave your game unattended, as no refunds will be issued for autostart mishaps.

  4. Check the paytable on the tower: Winnings are paid according to the paytable shown on the towers. Only the highest win per line counts, and wins on different lines are added together to give the final result.

  5. Adjust sound and acorn settings: Click the volume button to toggle sound on or off, and click the acorn button to show the hash id.

Fairness Verification

Cave of Plunder uses a provably fair algorithm to ensure transparent and fair gameplay. The game result is generated using a random number between 0 and 99,999, with the random number determined by a combination of server seed, client seed, and nonce.

To verify bets, use the following code example:

javascriptCopy codefunction get(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce) {   var hash = sha512(serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce);   var index = 0;   do {     var lucky = parseInt(hash.substr(index, 5), 16);     index += 5;   } while (lucky >= 1000000);   return lucky; } 

The probability table consists of layers that represent the player's progress on each of the three columns, affecting the probability range of each symbol. The game also features an Action Spin, which is triggered when the middle tower reaches the top level. The first ten characters of the SHA-512 hash value are converted into decimal numbers and modulo 5 to determine the random number, which corresponds to 100-500 times the prize in turn.

To get the action spin, use the following code example:

javascriptCopy codefunction get(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce) {   var hash = sha512(serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce);   var lucky = parseInt(hash.substr(0, 10), 16);   return lucky % 5; } 

Cave of Plunder offers a unique and thrilling slot game experience that combines enticing gameplay with the potential for substantial rewards. By following this guide and understanding the fairness verification process, you can play with confidence and boost your chances of striking it rich. So, step into the Cave of Plunder

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