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How to Play Oriental Beauties
How to Play Oriental Beauties
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If you're a fan of beautifully designed slot games that offer a fair and exciting gaming experience, Oriental Beauties is the perfect choice for you. This visually stunning slot game not only captivates players with its exquisite aesthetics but also ensures fairness through its provably fair system, just like all the games in our collection.

How to Play Oriental Beauties

Playing Oriental Beauties is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the "SPIN" button: This button initiates the game and sets the reels in motion. Alternatively, you can hold down the "SPIN" button to activate the auto-spin feature, allowing the game to play automatically for a predetermined number of rounds.

  2. Access the game rules: If you want to familiarize yourself with the rules of Oriental Beauties in more detail, simply click on the triangle button located in the upper right corner of the screen. From the list that appears, select the "?" symbol to view the comprehensive rules.

Oriental Beauties Gameplay

Oriental Beauties Reels

Oriental Beauties Bonus Game

Return Rate: High Chances of Winning

The return-to-player (RTP) rate of Oriental Beauties stands at an impressive 97.9%. This figure indicates the percentage of total wagers that the game pays back to players over an extended period. With such a high RTP, players can expect an enhanced chance of winning substantial rewards while immersing themselves in the captivating world of Oriental Beauties.

Fairness Verification

At Oriental Beauties, we understand the importance of fairness in ensuring an enjoyable and trustworthy gaming experience. That's why we employ a robust verification process that guarantees the integrity of our games.

To ensure fairness, the following steps are taken:

  1. Combination Calculation: We begin by combining your serverSeed, clientSeed, and nonce. This unique combination, represented as "combination = serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce," forms the basis of our verification process.

  2. Hash Calculation: Next, we utilize the SHA-256 algorithm to calculate the hash value of the combination. The resulting hash is a 64-character hexadecimal string: "hash = SHA-256(combination)."

  3. Conversion and Adjustment: We convert eight characters of the hash into an int32 value. This converted value is then divided by 0x100000000 (2^32) and multiplied by 10001. Finally, we divide the result by 100 to ensure the resulting number conforms to the constraints of the dice range.

It's important to note that Oriental Beauties features different numbers of symbols for the regular reels and the free reels. For further details on the verification process, we encourage you to visit the "My Betting" section, navigate to "Betting Details," and click on "Verification."

Unleash the Bonus Game

For an even more thrilling gaming experience, Oriental Beauties offers an enticing bonus game. If you manage to land three BONUS symbols in the first round, you'll unlock the bonus game, which presents an opportunity to win additional rewards. In the bonus game, you'll have the chance to flip up to 4 puzzles and uncover hidden treasures.

Here's how the bonus game works:

  1. Calculate the Combination: Similar to the fairness verification process, the serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, round, and puzzle number (1-4) are combined to create a unique combination: "combination = serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce + round + puzzle (1-4)."

  2. Hash Calculation: The combination is then hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm, resulting in a 64-character hexadecimal string: "hash = SHA-256(combination)."

  3. Conversion and Probability: Eight characters of the hash are converted into an int32 value, which is then divided by 0x100000000. The resulting value is multiplied by the probability associated with the corresponding puzzle. If the result hits 0, the bonus game concludes.

The bonus game adds an extra layer of excitement to Oriental Beauties, providing players with a chance to boost their winnings and uncover hidden surprises.

Oriental Beauties is not just a visually captivating slot game, but it also ensures fairness through its provably fair system. With a high return rate of 97.9% and engaging gameplay, players can expect an immersive and rewarding experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Oriental Beauties, spin the reels, and unlock the secrets that await. With its stunning design, fair gameplay, and exciting bonus features, Oriental Beauties promises endless entertainment and the potential for significant winnings.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and enjoy the thrilling experience that Oriental Beauties has to offer. Good luck and may the beauties of the East bring you fortune and success!

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