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How to Play Saviour Sword Slot?
How to Play Saviour Sword Slot?
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Saviour Sword is a 5-reel, 1-row video slot game featuring Lucky Spin and Bonus Re-spin. The objective of the game is to get winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. The game is available to play with JB coins.

How to Play Saviour Sword?

To play Saviour Sword:

  • Set your bet amount and click on the "Bet" button to place a manual bet.

  • You can also click and hold the "HOLD FOR AUTO" button for a few seconds to start auto-betting for the next 100 rounds automatically.

  • To cancel the automatic mode, click on the "HOLD FOR AUTO" button again.

Diamond and coin symbols appearing on any reel give a payout. The more symbols, the higher the bonus. Cat symbols appearing on any reel trigger a cat re-spin, which guarantees a bonus reward. Three sword symbols appearing on the reels trigger a lucky spin.


  • The sword handle will only appear on reel 2.

  • The sword blade will only appear on reel 3.

  • The sword tip will only appear on reel 4.

If all three parts of the sword appear in one spin, you have a chance to win a prize with a multiplier of x1 to x100. A lucky spin gives a bonus of x100 or diamond and coin symbols on all reels.

What is the return rate of Saviour Sword?

The RTP is 97.9%.

Fairness Verification

How are results calculated?

The results are calculated as follows:

  1. Compute the hash value with HMAC_SHA512(clientSeed:nonce:round, serverSeed).

  2. Get 8 characters of the hash and convert them to an int32 value.

  3. Divide the converted value by 0x100000000 and multiply the weight, so that the resulting number conforms to the constraints of the range.

Note: For more details, please go to "My Bet" -> "Choose Game ID" -> "Verify". Note: A new seed must be set to verify the previous data (the server seed is encrypted).

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