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FIAT Withdrawal and SWAP FEE Update
FIAT Withdrawal and SWAP FEE Update
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BC.Game, in its quest to continually enhance user experience and platform efficiency, has introduced changes to its fiat withdrawal fee structure. This adjustment aligns with the payment gateway fee methodology and introduces a new option for FIAT-to-USDT conversion. While these changes might impact how players interact with the platform, they are part of a broader strategy aimed at service improvement.

Different FEE Structures:

Depending on the payment gateway and FIAT Currency in transaction, there are different kinds of FEE involved in the withdrawals as follows;

  • Percentage-Based Fee: A part of the withdrawal fee will now be a percentage of the transaction amount. This method reflects a proportionate fee, depending on the size of the transaction, the withdrawal fee could increase proportionally.

  • Fixed Fee: In addition to the percentage fee, there will also be a fixed fee per transaction. This component remains constant regardless of the transaction amount.

  • Combined Fee: Some transactions might incur both a percentage-based fee and a fixed fee, providing a comprehensive approach to handling various transaction sizes.

Impact on Users:

  • These fees are introduced to align with the merchant's fee structure, ensuring that BC.Game can continue offering robust services.

  • Users are encouraged to plan their transactions considering these fees to optimize their gaming and financial experience.

Fiat-to-USDT Conversion Function

  1. Feature Introduction:

    • To mitigate the impact of fiat withdrawal fees and enhance transaction efficiency, BC.Game has introduced a fiat-to-USDT conversion function.

    • This feature aims to speed up withdrawals and offer a smoother user experience.

    • If you haven't got this feature yet, do not worry. It should be rolled out soon to all users.

  2. How to Access:

    • Users can access this function by navigating to Wallet > Withdraw > Fiat tab, then toggling to Convert to Cryptocurrency.

    • After choosing the network for receiving USDT, users can input their conversion amount and confirm the transaction.

    • For users without a crypto address, BC.Game provides guidance on creating a crypto wallet and obtaining a deposit address.

    • Please note that a SWAP fee will be involved when converting FIAT to USDT.

The introduction of the new FIAT withdrawal fee and the addition of a fiat-to-USDT conversion function at BC.Game represent a balanced approach to enhancing the platform's efficiency and user experience. While these changes introduce new cost elements for users, they are essential for the platform's continuous improvement and service quality. BC.Game remains committed to its users and encourages open communication through its customer support for any concerns or feedback.

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