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mNFT: A Simple Guide to Deposit, Withdraw, and Gamble with NFTs at BC.Game
mNFT: A Simple Guide to Deposit, Withdraw, and Gamble with NFTs at BC.Game
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BC.Game has a reputation for staying ahead of the curve by adapting to new trends in blockchain technology. This innovation was recognized when we were awarded Best Crypto Casino of the Year 2021 at Sigma Awards. In embracing the new blockchain ecosystem of NFTs and DeFi, we introduced DegenPass.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of depositing and merging your NFTs and using them to play on our platform.

What is mNFT?

mNFT represents one-thousandth of an NFT. Players can gamble with mNFTs just like any other coin. By accumulating enough mNFTs, you can merge them into an NFT from the same collection.

Note that the mNFT value will also be displayed in USD, so you will have a clear idea of the bet size while gambling.

How to Deposit NFT and Play?

To deposit NFTs, visit the NFT section of the wallet here. You will find a list of accepted NFTs, which will expand over time based on demand. Deposit the accepted NFTs to the provided ERC20 wallet address.

After depositing your NFT, you can split it into mNFTs for gambling, as shown below.

Merge and Split:

  • Split: To gamble in USD, split your NFT.

  • Merge: To mint the NFT and withdraw it, merge it.

If you have a fraction of our DegenPass, it will be displayed as mDegenPass:

The fractional share is displayed in USD value, which you can use to bet on any game on our platform. Once you have accumulated enough mNFTs, you can merge them into a DegenPass. Similarly, if you deposited other NFTs, they will be displayed as shown below:

mNFT on Lucky Wheel Spin:

mNFT has been added to the lucky spin. Don't be surprised if you notice rewards in mNFT on your lucky spin. You can use it to play like any other currency. For example, if you have 10 mNFT of DegenPass and win 1,000, you can then merge your mNFT into a DegenPass.

Please note that this feature is relatively new, and we will continue adding more upgrades as we progress. If you have any questions regarding this feature, feel free to get in touch with our live customer support.

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