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How to Play Crash
How to Play Crash
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Crash is an exciting online multiplayer blockchain guessing game, represented by an increasing curve that may crash at any time. This guide will walk you through the different aspects of the game, including how to play, the two types of Crash game (Classic Crash and Trenball), fairness verification, and tips for dealing with internet lag and disconnections.

To play Crash, follow these steps:

  1. Before the game starts, you have 6 seconds to place your bet.

  2. Once the game begins, the multiplier will increase, starting from 1.00x.

  3. Click on the "Cash Out" button at any time to lock in the current multiplier; your payoff will be your bet times the current multiplier.

  4. The longer you stay in the game, the higher your payoff. However, keep in mind that the curve may crash at any moment. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you will lose your bet.

The decision of when to cash out is entirely up to you, whether it's at 1.01x, 100x, 1000x, or 10000x. Just remember that you need to make this decision in a split second!

There are two types of Crash Game:

  1. Classic Crash – the basic game explained above.

  2. Trenball


Trenball is built on top of the popular Classic Crash game. It allows players to wager on the outcome of the game: RED, GREEN, or YELLOW. The probability is simple: RED pays x1.96 the wager, GREEN pays x2 the wager, and YELLOW pays x10 the wager.

To play Trenball:

  1. Before the game starts, players have 6 seconds to place their bet, choosing RED, GREEN, or YELLOW.

  2. After the betting period, the Crash will start running until it crashes (indicated by a "Bang").

  3. Payouts are as follows: RED pays x1.96, GREEN pays x2, and YELLOW pays x10.

Players can play both Classic Crash and Trenball Crash simultaneously or choose to play them individually. The house edge for Crash is only 1%.


The bankroll is the pool of money used by the bankroller to pay out winners of the game. The max profit that players can win from a round of the game is determined by the size of the bankroll. The larger the bankroll, the more players can win.

Each player can only win 0.75% of the bankroll per round, and all players can only win 1.125% of the funds per round. Players can also bet on the bankroll (become bankrollers), which means they win when the house wins and lose when the house loses.

The bankroll operates using a shareholding system that allows everyone to participate and obtain corresponding shares. The house edge is 1%, with 99% of each bet going to the bankroll and the remaining 1% reserved for platform operating costs. Payouts made to winning players are deducted from the bankroll.

Fairness Verification

Crash is designed to be a fair and impartial prediction and guessing platform. The game utilizes a total of 10 million hashes (the generation chain is verifiable), with each hash corresponding to a curve crash multiplier. These 10 million numbers are released in reverse order, each corresponding to one turn of the game.

This system ensures that the crash number of each turn already exists and is not calculated after the game starts, eliminating the possibility of platform manipulation. Players can therefore place their bets without concern.

Dealing with Internet Lag and Disconnections

Auto Cash Out

Internet lag can impact your Crash gaming experience. Since Crash is a real-time online game, there is a delay between the time you click on the "Cash Out" button and when the server receives your cash out instruction. The farther away you are from the server and the worse your internet connection, the longer it will take for your message to reach the game server.

To avoid potential issues caused by internet lag, use the automatic cash out function. Your automatic cash out is sent to the server at the same time when you place your bet, ensuring the server can execute your cash out instruction precisely and regardless of the lag.

For example, if your connection is poor and you want to cash out at 2x, set the automatic cash out to 2x instead of cashing out manually at 2x. After you click on "Cash Out," the curve may crash before your message reaches the server.

Dealing with Accidental Disconnections

In case of an accidental disconnection during an active game, the platform will try to cash out for you. However, it's strongly recommended to use the automatic cash out function to handle this issue. Since your automatic cash out multiplier has been sent to the server, you can still cash out normally even if you are completely disconnected. This is the most reliable way to avoid damages caused by accidental disconnection.

Crash is a thrilling and popular online multiplayer blockchain guessing game that requires quick decision-making and a bit of luck. By understanding the rules, types of games, and strategies for dealing with internet lag and disconnections, you can maximize your enjoyment and potential profits while playing this exciting game. Good luck!

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