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How to Play Wheel
How to Play Wheel
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Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement with the Wheel game on BC.Game. This unique game features a silly red creature with wings, affectionately named Coco, perched on a spinning wheel. Your task is to make Coco dizzy by spinning the wheel and earn rewards for your playful antics. In this article, we will guide you through the gameplay of Wheel and provide details about its house edge, multipliers, and fairness verification.

How to Play Wheel:

  1. Start the Wheel Spinning: To begin the game, use your preferred cryptocurrency coins to set the wheel spinning. The aim is to create a thrilling and dizzying experience for Coco, the red bird.

  2. Pay Close Attention: As the wheel spins, pay close attention to the game. While Coco is occupied with getting dizzy, it's up to you to follow the action and stay engaged.

House Edge: The Wheel game offers a competitive house edge of just 1%, providing players with a fair chance of winning.

Multipliers and Risk Factors: The multipliers on the Wheel vary based on the risk factor selected. There are three risk levels: Low, Medium, and High, each with different multiplier combinations.

  • Low Risk:

    • Two segments with a 0.00x multiplier

    • One segment with a 1.5x multiplier

    • Seven segments with a 1.20x multiplier

  • Medium Risk:

    • Four segments with a 0.00x multiplier

    • Two segments with a 1.5x multiplier

    • One segment with a 2.0x multiplier

    • One segment with a 3.0x multiplier

  • High Risk:

    • One segment with a 9.9x multiplier

    • Nine segments with a 0.00x multiplier

Segment Section: The Wheel game offers segment sections that provide players with additional chances of winning on a single gameplay. The segments available are 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Additional Features:

  • MAX Button: Allows you to bet the entire remaining balance as the maximum value bet.

  • /2 Button: Divides your stake in half.

  • x2 Button: Doubles your current stake.

  • MIN Button: Allows you to bet the minimum possible amount in the game.

  • Auto Function: For players familiar with auto function settings, this feature places bets automatically according to your preferences.

Fairness Verification:

BC.Game ensures the provable fairness of the Wheel game through a transparent calculation process. Here's how the results are calculated:

  1. Combine the client seed and nonce.

  2. Calculate the hash value of the combination using HMAC_SHA256, resulting in a 64-character hexadecimal string: hash = HMAC_SHA256(clientSeed:nonce, serverSeed).

  3. Take the first 8 characters of the hash and convert them into an int32 value using Big-endian notation.

  4. Divide the converted value by 0x100000000 and multiply it by the number of segments to determine the position on the odds table.

  5. Consult the odds table to obtain the corresponding multiplier.

Note: To verify the fairness of previous data, a new seed must be set (the server seed is encrypted).

While this fairness verification process may not be necessary for everyone, BC.Game strives to provide transparency and precision for those who seek a provably fair gaming experience.

Get ready to spin the Wheel, tease the red bird Coco, and enjoy a dizzying game filled with excitement and rewards. BC.Game's Wheel offers an engaging and provably fair gameplay, with a low 1% house edge and a variety of multipliers based on different risk factors. Choose your risk level wisely and aim for the high-paying segments to maximize your winnings.

BC.Game ensures transparency and fairness through its robust fairness verification process, allowing players to verify the results and have confidence in the game's integrity.

So, dive into the world of Wheel on BC.Game, embark on a dizzying adventure, and let luck be your guide. Enjoy the thrill of spinning the wheel, teasing Coco, and earning exciting rewards. Good luck, and may the dizzying fun bring you great fortune!

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