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How to Play Keno-Multiplayer
How to Play Keno-Multiplayer
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Keno-Multiplayer is a thrilling and fast-paced game that offers players the opportunity to choose numbers from a field ranging from 1 to 40. With the freedom to select your preferred coin and the numbers of your choice, Keno-Multiplayer presents an engaging and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explore how to play the game, understand the house edge, and delve into the fairness verification process.

How to Play Keno-Multiplayer

  1. Number Combinations: The more number combinations you select, the higher the potential payout becomes. You can choose up to ten numbers from the available field of 40.

  2. Successful Hits: The more of your selected numbers that match the winning numbers, the higher the payout multiplier will be. The goal is to hit as many successful number combinations as possible to maximize your winnings.

  3. Maximum Selection: The maximum number of selections you can make is ten. Choose your numbers strategically to enhance your chances of success.

Keno-Multiplayer also offers an Auto Mode option, which operates based on specific instructions:

  • On Win: When you win, the next bet amount will either increase by your set amount or reset to the initial amount.

  • On Lose: When you lose, the next bet amount will either increase by your set amount or reset to the initial amount.

  • Stop on Win: Once the amount won from the start to the current bet is equal to or greater than your set amount, the auto mode will stop.

  • Stop on Loss: If the amount lost from the start to the next bet becomes equal to or greater than your set amount, the auto mode will stop.

If you wish to change your selection or unpick your chosen numbers, simply press the "Clear Table" button.

Understanding the House Edge

Keno-Multiplayer comes with a house edge of only 1%. The house edge refers to the statistical advantage the casino holds over players in any given game. With a low house edge, players can expect a higher return on their bets over time, making Keno-Multiplayer an appealing choice for those seeking favorable odds.

Fairness Verification

At our platform, we prioritize fairness and transparency. To ensure the integrity of Keno-Multiplayer, we employ a sophisticated verification process called Provable Fairness. Here's how the results are calculated:

  1. Starting with a secret, we generate a chain of 10,000,000 SHA256 hashes.

  2. Each element in the chain represents the hash of the lowercase, hexadecimal string representation of the previous hash. The last element of the chain has the hash value: 54fe30623823224ef8379e00f3d88a02ed3333937862ee0383b9cbb3d1e43763.

  3. Every game corresponds to a specific hash in the chain. The 10,000,000th element of the chain corresponds to game #1, and the first element corresponds to game #10,000,000.

  4. To verify that a hash belongs to a specific game number, you can simply hash it "n" times and compare the result with the terminating hash.

The code provided demonstrates how a game's result is calculated from its hash. It involves a series of cryptographic operations, including generating a seed, creating numbers based on the seed, and sorting them accordingly. The result is a set of ten numbers that determine the outcome of the game.

By utilizing this robust verification process, we ensure that the results of Keno-Multiplayer are fair and unbiased.

In conclusion, Keno-Multiplayer offers a thrilling and engaging experience for players looking for fast-paced gameplay and the opportunity to win big. With its simple yet exciting mechanics, players can select numbers and aim for successful hits to increase their payout multipliers. The game's low house edge of 1% adds to its appeal, providing players with better odds of winning.

To guarantee fairness, Keno-Multiplayer incorporates Provable Fairness through a rigorous verification process. By using cryptographic algorithms and hashing techniques, the game ensures that results are calculated in a transparent and unbiased manner. Players can have confidence in the integrity of the game and enjoy a fair gaming experience.

Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a casual player seeking an enjoyable game of chance, Keno-Multiplayer is an excellent choice. Explore the wide range of number combinations, strategize your selections, and embrace the excitement as you watch the numbers unfold. Try your luck in Keno-Multiplayer today and experience the thrill of this popular casino game with a modern twist!

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