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Understanding Your Total Wager and Detailed Wagering Statistics on BC Game
Understanding Your Total Wager and Detailed Wagering Statistics on BC Game
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When engaging in online casino gambling, it's essential to keep track of your wagering habits and performance. BC Game offers a convenient way for players to access their total wager and detailed wagering statistics. In this article, we will explore where to find this information on BC Game and explain the concept of wagering in casino gambling, along with an example.

What Does "Wager" Mean in Casino Gambling?

In casino gambling, a "wager" refers to the amount of money a player bets on a particular game or event. Wagers can vary in size, and different games may have different minimum and maximum wagering limits. The total amount of money wagered by a player over a specific period is known as their "total wager" or "lifetime wager." Keeping track of your wagering statistics can help you manage your gambling budget and make more informed decisions about your gameplay.

Accessing Your Total Wager and Detailed Wagering Statistics:

BC Game provides an easy way for players to access their total wager information and detailed wagering statistics through the VIP section. To view this information, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the BC Game VIP Club page at

  2. On this page, you can see your current VIP level and your total wager. Every $1 wagered equals 1 XP.

If you're interested in more detailed statistics, such as the amount of deposits, withdrawals, wins, and losses, you can contact the live support team. They can provide you with statistics for the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

To contact live support, locate the button at the bottom of the left sidebar on the BC Game website. Clicking this button will open a chat window.

Simply ask the support staff for your wagering stats, and a team member will provide you with your statistics within a few minutes.

Example of Wagering in Casino Gambling:

Suppose a player decides to play a round of blackjack at an online casino. They place a $10 bet on their hand. This $10 bet is their wager for that specific round. If they play ten rounds of blackjack, each with a $10 bet, their total wager for that session would be $100.

Wager Calculation for Different Game Modes on the Platform:

  1. For Original and Slot Games, wagers are recorded in the standard manner: each $1 wagered is equivalent to 1XP.

  2. In Sports, each $1 wagered earns you 2XP.

  3. For the Trading and Futures Game Mode, wagers are currently not eligible for XP accumulation. Consequently, no wager-based bonuses will be awarded for betting in the Trading mode.

Understanding your total wager and detailed wagering statistics is crucial for responsible gambling and effective bankroll management. BC Game offers an accessible and straightforward way for players to access this information through the VIP section and live support. By staying informed about your wagering habits, you can make smarter decisions and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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