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Grow Your Crypto with VaultPro: The Passive Earning Feature on BCG.Game
Grow Your Crypto with VaultPro: The Passive Earning Feature on BCG.Game
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In the world of cryptocurrency, finding ways to grow your assets can sometimes be a challenge. That's where VaultPro comes in. VaultPro is a passive earning feature available on the BCG.Game platform that allows players to earn interest on their crypto holdings while they save. In this article, we will discuss the details of VaultPro, including its security features, interest rates, and how to access and use the platform.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

VaultPro offers an annual percentage rate, or simply interest, on the cryptocurrency holdings saved on the platform. The interest rate varies depending on the currency saved, with the following rates:

  • BCD (BC Dollar): 10% per annum

  • All other currencies: 5% interest per annum

Note: Interest rates may change without prior notice.

Vault Pro Security Rules:

VaultPro ensures the security of deposited funds with the following measures:

  1. Deposits and withdrawals are protected by two-factor authentication (2FA) and can only be accessed by the depositor.

  2. Daily interest is calculated on the amount not withdrawn from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC+0). The interest is calculated at 02:00 (UTC+0), after 24 hours of fund deposit.

  3. BCG.Game guarantees that the funds in Vault Pro will not be accessed by anyone except the depositor, ensuring the safety of your assets at all times.

How to Access VaultPro:

  1. Go to the Wallet section on BCG.Game.

  2. Click on the "VaultPro" option.

VaultPro Features:

  • Annual Percentage Rate: Displays the yearly interest rate earned on funds invested in VaultPro.

  • Transfer In: Function used to transfer funds from the Wallet to VaultPro.

  • Transfer Out: Function used to transfer funds from VaultPro to the Wallet (2FA required).

  • Assets in Vault Pro: Shows a list of funds invested in VaultPro.

  • Interest: Displays details of the interest gained.

  • History: Shows details of transactions performed with VaultPro.

Interest Calculation Breakdown:

  1. Suppose you vault 100 units of any coin, like 100 USDT.

  2. You receive 5% per annum, which means 5 USDT per year.

  3. Interest is paid out every 24 hours, equating to 5 USDT/365 days. You will receive approximately 0.01369 USDT for those 24 hours as interest, added to your vault.

  4. If you vault BCD, your interest will be higher (10%), and the calculation adjusts accordingly.

  5. The next day, interest will be calculated on the entire balance in your vault, including the previous day's paid-out interest.

Note: Interest is credited daily based on the annual percentage rate calculated into daily interest proportion. Formula: Daily Interest (%) = Annual Percentage Rate divided by 365 Days. The interest is calculated at 02:00 (UTC+0), after 24 hours of fund deposit.

VaultPro is an excellent passive earning feature on the BCG.Game platform, providing users with an easy way to grow their crypto holdings. With its secure and user-friendly interface, VaultPro is an attractive option for players looking to earn interest on their assets. So, why wait? Start growing your crypto with VaultPro today!

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