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How to Play Hash Dice?
How to Play Hash Dice?
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Hash Dice is a probability game on the platform established by blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm. This game provides more fun with bet and prediction, where the closer the number rolled by players to the random number, the higher the probability of winning. Here are the instructions on how to play Hash Dice and maximize your winnings.

Setting Predicted Intervals

Players must set a predicted interval first, such as 49999 < random number. Then set the amount of this round and click ROLL. The result will be a random number between 0 and 99999. If 49999 < random number, then you win; or you lose.

Tip: Players may set high and low intervals:

  • High: 1999-99998 < random number

  • Low: random number < 1 - 98000

Winning Profit

Winning profit is at least 1.0102x, and the maximum could go up to 99,000 x.

HashDice Return Rate

The game has only 1% edge, meaning that in long-term betting, 99% of the bet amount will be attributed to the players, providing a 99% return rate.

Fairness Verification

HashDice uses a provable and verified system that allows each game to be fair in an encrypted way. To verify bets, a pair of Server Seed and Client Seed is used to calculate a roll number. The Server Seed is hidden, and a SHA-256 hash of the seed is shown instead to prevent a player from result prediction. Players can make sure that the Server Seed wasn't changed by comparing their hashes before and after randomization.

Data Calculation

To generate a roll number between 0 and 99,999, HashDice combines Server Seed, Client Seed, and Nonce (bet number). Then, it calculates a SHA-512 hash of that combination to get a 128 character hex string. The first 5 characters of that hash are taken and converted to a decimal number ranging from 0 to 1,048,575 (16 ^ 5 - 1). If it is less than 1 million, it is divided by 100,000 and used as the roll outcome. Otherwise, it repeats using the next five characters up to 25 times. In the very rare case that none of the 25 trials are lower than 1 million when converted to decimal, it uses the remaining 3 characters and converts them to your roll number.

Code Example

The following code example can be used to verify a bet:

function getRoll(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce) { var hash = sha512(serverSeed + clientSeed + nonce); var index = 0; do { var lucky = parseInt(hash.substr(index, 5), 16); index += 5; } while (lucky >= 1000000); return lucky % 100000; }

Hash Dice is an exciting and fair game with plenty of opportunities to win big. By following these tips, players can increase their chances of success and enjoy a fun and rewarding gaming experience on the platform.

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