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BCD Deposit Bonus and Locked BCD - All Your Questions Answered
BCD Deposit Bonus and Locked BCD - All Your Questions Answered
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If you're a fan of online gaming, you might be familiar with deposit bonuses offered by various platforms. However, BC.GAME's deposit bonus is unique and the first of its kind in the industry. In this guide, we will clarify everything you need to know about BC.GAME's Deposit Bonus and its merits.

How to Avail the Deposit Bonus?

To avail the deposit bonus, all you need to do is deposit any cryptocurrency available on the BC.GAME platform. You will receive the bonus in BCD (a brand new exchangeable game currency exclusive to the platform) which will be locked. You can find the locked bonus on your BCD Dashboard under the Promotions tab.

About BCD

BCD is a game currency exclusive to BC.GAME that is equivalent to USD. You can use it to play all in-house games and slots available on the platform.

How Many Times Can You Claim the Deposit Bonus?

You can claim up to four deposit bonuses during the promotional period. To get more details about the promotion period, you can visit the promotions page on BC.GAME's website.

What is the Deposit Bonus Percentage on the Deposited Amount?

The deposit bonus percentage on the deposited amount depends on the deposit amount and whether it's your first, second, third, or fourth deposit. It can range between 120% to 360%. For instance, if you deposit $30 for the first time, you will receive a 100% first deposit bonus of $30.

How to Unlock BCD Rewards?

As you keep playing different games on the BC.GAME platform, the BCD Bonus will unlock by itself. For every $500 wagered, $1 worth of BCD will be unlocked. Similarly, for every $1000 wagered, $2 worth of BCD will be unlocked. There are no restrictions on which games to wager. You can choose any slot game or in-house original game with the lowest house edge to wager and unlock your BCD rewards.

Why is BC.GAME's BCD Deposit Bonus Superior to Other Deposit Bonuses?

Unlike other deposit bonuses, BC.GAME's BCD deposit bonus does not lock or hold your initial deposit, giving you the freedom to withdraw it anytime you want. The BCD deposit bonus remains intact, and you can unlock it anytime in the future when you're ready to play. You can also pick any game to wager, and there are no restrictions on which games to play to unlock your BCD rewards.

Think of the BCD deposit bonus as Rakeback. The usual Rakeback varies between 5-20%, but as you keep wagering, your BCD will unlock along with the Rakeback, resulting in an additional 20% Rakeback on top of the original Rakeback. For instance, if you're a 38+ player, you can boost your Rakeback to 20% and an additional 20% from BCD rewards, resulting in a combined Rakeback of 40%.

BCD Dashboard and Minimum BCD to Unlock:

On the BCD Dashboard, which you can find on the left side of your screen, you can see how much BCD is locked and unlocked. The dashboard displays how much BCD is unlocked on a sliding scale. Once you accumulate 5 BCD, you can unlock it, or you can leave it to accumulate and use it anytime in the future.

FAQs about BCD Rewards:

Is There Any Other Way to Unlock BCD Without Wagering?

No, there isn't any other way to unlock BCD rewards without wagering. Don't waste your time contacting live support to unlock BCD rewards, as it's not possible.

I Got "Locked BCD" on Lucky Wheel - What Does That Mean?

Sometimes you may receive Locked BCD on the Lucky Wheel, and it is subject to wagering just like the deposit bonus.

My BCD Dashboard Shows 5, But I Cannot Claim It.

If your BCD Dashboard shows 5, but you are still unable to claim it, it means you need to wager a little more. The value of 4.99 is rounded off to 5, so wagering a little more should do the job.

BC.GAME's BCD Deposit Bonus is unique and superior to other deposit bonuses in the industry. It offers unrestricted withdrawals, no restrictions on games to wager, and a sliding scale to unlock BCD rewards. The BCD deposit bonus is like Rakeback, resulting in an additional 20% Rakeback on top of the original Rakeback. We hope this guide answers all your questions about BCD Deposit Bonus and Locked BCD. If you have any further queries, you can contact the BC.GAME live support.

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