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All you need to know about the BC Game referral system: My Casino
All you need to know about the BC Game referral system: My Casino
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A referral program, also known as an affiliate program, is a reward system for users who bring in new users to the platform. In the world of online casinos, this means that you receive rewards when a user joins through your referral link and plays on the site. It is a win-win situation, as the casino acquires new users while you earn passive income for bringing in the new player. BC Game's "My Casino" referral system offers various rewards for affiliates.

My Casino USD Rewards:

BC Game's "My Casino" referral system offers a USD reward in addition to the standard commission rewards for referring users.

  • My Casino USD rewards a total of $1,000 per referral, distributed as rewards for every level up between level 4 and level 70 for every referral that joins via your link.

  • This means that as your referral progresses through levels up to level 70, you will earn extra USD over and above your standard commission rewards!

Note on VIP Referral Transfers:

If your friend transfers their VIP status from another casino to BC Game and receives a level 13 upon joining, you will only receive the next level reward when your friend reaches level 14 and so on, up to level 70. Rewards are not applicable for levels directly achieved through the transfer process. Users are eligible for rewards for levels achieved through wagering.

Locked Fund Amount:

The "Locked Fund" amount refers to your rewards, which you will gradually receive when your referrals upgrade and achieve new levels. For example, if you have 68 referrals and each referral gives you $1,000 according to the "My Casino USD Rewards," your total locked fund would be 68 * $1,000 = $68,000. This amount unlocks gradually as your referrals level up.

Important Note about USDT Rewards:

If a player is part-way through the achievement towards the next milestone, the affiliate agent will not receive the new reward until the level after. For example, if a player is at level 29, the affiliate agent will not receive the new reward for level 30 but will get the bonus from level 38 onwards. This only applies to current affiliate agents during the transition from the old system to the new one.

My Commission Rewards:

As an affiliate, you will earn passive income in the form of commission rewards when someone you referred plays on BC Game. You will earn regardless of whether your referral wins or loses. The current commission rates, effective from July 26th, 2022, are as follows:

  • All in-house original games: 7% of referrals wager 1%

  • Third-party games: 15% of referrals wager 1%

  • Sportsbetting: 25% of referrals wager 1%

Note for Special Offers:

If you have any special offers regarding cooperation or access to a large audience, contact the BC Game manager via Telegram. They are happy to discuss individual affiliate program terms tailored to your needs.

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