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Perks of Being VIP 38+ on Bc.Game
Perks of Being VIP 38+ on Bc.Game
Written by POP
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At Bc.Game, we value and appreciate our VIP players and we are constantly finding ways to reward them. We have recently introduced new bonuses such as Recharge and Monthly Bonus, taking our rewards to the next level. But, we are not done yet. We have now added more perks exclusively for our VIPs who have reached Level 38 and above.

In this article, we will share some of the exciting benefits available to selected VIP 38+ players. We are confident that after learning about these benefits, you will be motivated to level up at Bc.Game.

Here are the amazing perks available for VIP 38+ players:

In addition to regular bonuses such as Rakeback, Recharge, and Level-Up bonuses, we offer the following exclusive bonuses to VIP 38+ players:

  • Dedicated VIP Host: Each VIP 38+ player will have a dedicated VIP host who will welcome them with a special gift. Your VIP host can be contacted through direct messages on our website or via Telegram. Your host will help you with any issues you may encounter on the platform.

  • Weekly Bonus: VIP 38+ players who have wagered over $1000 in the last 7 days will receive a weekly bonus automatically every Friday. Click here for more details on the weekly bonus.

  • Monthly Bonus: Players who have a VIP host and have met the monthly wagering requirement (which varies month by month) will receive a guaranteed monthly bonus.

  • Increased Level-Up Bonus: We reward players with a level-up bonus for each level they achieve. For VIP 38+ players, we have boosted the level-up bonus to be slightly higher than the regular level-up bonus available at lower levels.

  • Secret Top-Up: This is a highly confidential bonus that we cannot disclose more about at the moment. However, if you have a run of bad luck, your VIP host might surprise you with an offer to cover some of your losses.

Note: Eventually, most VIP 38+ players will be assigned a VIP host. Currently, there is a wagering requirement associated with this service. As our family grows, we will continue to add more VIP players to our esteemed service.

What are you waiting for? Climb the level-up ladder and experience the ultimate perks of being a VIP 38+ player on Bc.Game.

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