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Monthly Bonus - Here's Everything you Need to Know
Monthly Bonus - Here's Everything you Need to Know
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Monthly Bonus is a nice special perk to our VIP Players on the platform. In this article we will clarify all the doubts related to Monthly bonus.

What is a Monthly Bonus?

The Monthly Bonus is an extra fund awarded to eligible players on the platform based on their VIP Level and recent gameplay.

When does the Monthly Bonus arrive?

Monthly bonus typically lands between 15th to 20th of every month.

How is my Monthly Bonus calculated?

Based on your LEVEL, you can find out the % of monthly bonus for the past 30 days wager. You can find out the % by - hovering over your profile icon --> VIP CLUB

There you can find the calculation for monthly bonus : Wager*1%* (3-5*)%

Let's say you get 3%, that means the monthly bonus is 30$ for every 100k$ wagered.

Similarly, if you are in 5% , you get 50$ for every 100k$ wagered.

Who is eligible for a Monthly Bonus?

Players who are VIP 22 or more, and must have wagered $10,000 for the cut off period will be eligible for the Monthly Bonus. You can check out the cut off period details on our Telegram VIP Channel.


Q: Why didn't I receive a Monthly Bonus even though my 30-day stats show I wagered $10,000?

A: The $10,000 wager is a primary requirement, but the 30-day stats provided by support are calculated from the date you requested. The Monthly Bonus cut-off period is usually from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month. To be eligible, you must have wagered $10,000+ during that period. Missing the wager requirement by even a few dollars will render you ineligible.

Q: Why is my weekly bonus higher than my monthly bonus?

A: Both the Monthly and Weekly Bonuses are based on wagers, but the weekly bonus calculation has a higher percentage than the monthly bonus. If you wagered significantly more in the previous week compared to the past three weeks, your weekly bonus might be close to or higher than your monthly bonus.

To increase your chances of receiving a bigger Monthly Bonus, make sure to climb up the VIP ladder and maintain a high wagering activity. By doing so, you can maximize the rewards and benefits offered by the platform, ensuring a more enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience.

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