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Lucky Spin - All Your Questions Answered
Lucky Spin - All Your Questions Answered
Written by POP
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BC.GAME's Lucky Wheel offers an exciting opportunity for users to win big rewards every day. With three categories of spins, users can win up to 5 BTC in a single spin, depending on their account level. In this article, we will delve into the details of each spin, explore the perks of being a valued BC.GAME customer, and address some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lucky Wheel.

Spin Categories:

  1. LUCKY Spin: Designed for Bronze and Silver account users, the LUCKY spin offers a chance to win 1 BTC with a free spin.

  2. SUPER Spin: Reserved for Gold and Platinum account users, the SUPER spin provides an opportunity to win up to 3 BTC with a free spin.

  3. MEGA Spin: Exclusively for Diamond account users (level 70+), the MEGA spin allows users to win a staggering 5 BTC with a free spin.

Categorizing spins in this manner allows BC.GAME to make users feel special and rewarded for their loyalty. As you become more active on the platform, you will earn better coins on the Wheel, increasing your chances of winning up to 5 BTC based on your account level.

Note: Although JB coins are no longer on the Wheel, users will still receive a daily check-in bonus of 20,000 JB coins and wheel spin rewards.

To check the winnings of other users, click on the bottom of the Lucky Spin page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky Wheel Spin:

  1. How many free spins do I get per day?

    Users receive one free spin every 24 hours, with the clock resetting at 12:00 AM GMT daily.

  2. How can I check my lucky spin winnings?

    To view your winnings, go to Transactions -> Bill -> Select All Currencies -> Bonus. This will display all recently received bonuses.

  3. Is it possible to win 1, 3, or 5 BTC?

    While the odds of winning these amounts are rare, the new update has made these wins more likely. Keep spinning, and you might just hit the jackpot!

  4. Why didn't I receive a reward when the Wheel stopped on 1 BTC, 3 BTC, or 5 BTC?

    If you have already claimed your daily spin, the winning segment will display as 1 BTC. Spin again, and the actual reward will appear in a pop-up. If you miss the pop-up, check your bill data for the credited reward.

  5. Why did the Spin show a different coin than the one I was awarded?

    This discrepancy could be due to an animation glitch or network latency. The Bill data is the final and accurate record of your rewards.

  6. What are LOCKED BCD rewards on Wheel Spin?

    Sometimes, the Wheel rewards locked BCD, which cannot be used immediately. These rewards are based on your account level and past week activity. To learn more about unlocking BCD, click here.

  7. Are there any factors that Lucky Wheel Spin is based on?

    Yes, the lucky spin is mostly based on your recent activity which includes - your recent wager, profit/loss and a little bit of luck.

BC.GAME's Lucky Wheel offers users an exciting and rewarding way to kick off their day, with a chance to win valuable coins every 24 hours. So, spin the Wheel and try your luck - you never know what surprises it might hold for you!

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