As always, we are back with one more Wager Content to end the year on a grand level. We have been doing these Wagering Contests twice a year, and this time we made it much Bigger, Special and Unique.

If you are not aware: World Cup Carnival
is our latest wagering contest where every dollar you wager on our Casino, accumulates (mines) Cup Coins. Top 100 Cup coin holders will be given prizes in BCD for 24 hours Race and a Mega Prize at the end of the event(30 days).

What's Special this Time?

Bigger Prize Pool - 2.1 Million Dollars.
Increased Numbers on Leaderboard - Top 100 will share the prize pool (previously it was 50)

How long does World Cup Carnival Event last?

The event will start at UTC-0 Nov 20th 00:00 and end at Ends on Dec 19th 23:59 UTC+0

How to Enter

All you have to do is play any game on BC.Game, you will automatically get into the competition.
Every 1$ wager(all coins), will reward you with 10 Cup-Coins.
Apart from wagering, you can also play using your Cup-coins and increase your Cup-Coins, thereby improving your position on the leaderboard.
You can check your position on Leaderboard for both Daily and Final here
How to get Cup Coins:
You can head-over to our promotion page, and grab 100-1000 Cup coins everyday - link
Also, you will get more chances to grab if you invite friends to participate in the event. Up to 5 extra chances every day!
Our Social Chanels - Throughout the event we will host various Cup-Coin giveaways on our social channels - Telegram, Twitter & on our forum.
Flash Drops : Keep your Telegram notifications on, to make sure you do not miss out on any of those Flash Drops.
Wagering(we call it mining Cup coins throughout the event): You heard it right, every 1$(all coins) you wager, you get 10 Cup-coins.
Make sure you joined our Discord Server as well.

Prize Pool Distribution:

Daily - Top 100 Cup-Coin profit gainers will share 10,000 BCD + bankroll share (max daily bankroll 20,000 BCD). Max total prize pool of 30,000 BCD per day.

Final - Top 100 Cup-Coin holders will share 200,000 BCD + bankroll share (max final bankroll 1,000,000 BCD). Max total prize pool of 1,200,000 BCD for the final. And 17 Degen Passes as additional rewards for top 10 winners.

Terms and Conditions:

All players can participate in the promotion, however, any player found multi-accounting or abuse, will be taken action for violation of our Terms of Service.
After the event is over, Cup-Coins will be recalled.
Players can’t tip/ coindrop/ rain/ withdraw or deposit Cup Coin.

If you still have any more doubts regarding the event, get in touch with our live support.
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