There can be several different reasons behind why a bet gets cancelled. If your bet got cancelled, you should check if it might have been because of one or more of the things listed here.

Accidental odds

One of the most common reasons why a bet might have been cancelled is that the sportsbook posted the odds by accident. The odds you put your bet at were intended for another match, or the odds for one of the teams were supposed to be posted for the other team. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and so even the sportsbook. If you see an odds that seem to be too good to be true and still decide to bet on it, chances are that your bet will be cancelled.

The event or game you put your bet on is hard to verify or evaluate

This is something that prop bets are especially susceptible to. When you bet on specific events to occur during a game, series or season (i.e., the player with the most assists or at which minute the first goal will be made) it is called a “prop bet”. Prop bets are by its nature harder to verify than, let’s say the final score of a game. If the bet isn’t clear beyond a doubt, the sportsbook will select the outcome that favours their own profit margin.

Your bet was on a, according to the sportsbook, suspicious match or game

In case your bet was made at a match or game that the sportsbook suspects might be rigged, the sportsbook can choose to void all bets for the specific game or match. If the sportsbook suspects a team (or player) has gained an unlawful material advantage in the game you placed your bet on, they might cancel your bet.

An ill-constructed Parlay bet

Don't try to trick the system by trying to make bets that go against the rules of the sportsbook. If, for any reason, such a bet would succeed it will get cancelled once spotted. However, if such a bet would be a losing bet the sportsbook reserve the right to treat it as a valid (and lost) bet.

Play by the rules

Most of the time that your bet gets cancelled, it’s for one of the reasons above. However, the reasons above only apply to situations when you abide by your sportsbook’s terms and conditions.

Keep in mind, that your account can get locked or you can get banned for a whole host of reasons not included in the list above. A frequent consequence of account restriction comes down to bet cancellation. Sportsbooks reserve the right to cancel any outstanding wagers if they deem that you broke any of their clearly-delineated rules.

Additionally, sportsbooks restrict your account if they have reason to believe you’re engaging in arbitrage betting.

Is it possible to appeal the decision?

Majority of the time your bets get cancelled for one of the above reasons. In such cases there is no scope for dispute, as the SportsBook Provider has the authority to cancel any bets made as per the Terms and Conditions.

However, if you think that your bet got cancelled for wrong reasons, then you can dispute a decision made by the sportsbook. Any disputes or claims must be sent to the sportsbook in writings within seven days after the bet in question was decided. The sportsbook has thirty days to consider the claim after its received.
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