What is a Memo/Tag/Payment ID? How do I use them?

Looking to deposit or withdraw coins but don't know what is a Memo/Tag/Payment ID and what to fill in the Tag field? This article will help in clearing out your doubts!

A Memo/Tag/Payment ID is nothing but a set of numbers or combination of letters and numbers used to identify a transaction to help in processing it and crediting it to an account. They are one and the same thing that is an additional address that is unique to a transaction used for its identification.

What Memo/Tag/Payment ID? Should I use for a withdrawal?

If your wallet needs a Memo/Tag/Payment ID; it will mention the same just below the wallet address. Kindly check and copy paste the Memo/Tag/Payment ID from your wallet to the tag field on withdrawal page.

If your wallet does not show a Memo, Tag & Payment ID option then you can fill in any random 8-10 digits in the blank tag field(123456789) before confirming the transaction.
This will ensure that your withdrawal is a smooth process and is not held back due to missing tags and is processed at the earliest.

🔻• I did a withdrawal from BC Game without a Memo/Tag/Payment ID to a wallet or exchange which requires it. What should I do? Can BC Game help me recover my money?

Coco: Unfortunately there is nothing we at BC Game can do as the funds have already left your BC wallet. You will have to contact the support team of your receiving exchange/wallet with the transaction ID(TXID) and ask them to verify it manually and credit to your account.

IMPORTANT: There are some wallets/exchanges which do not offer any support for such errors.
Therefore we would suggest you to be extremely CAREFUL and DOUBLE CHECK when withdrawing coins from BC wallet to your wallet/exchange.

🔻 • I made a ‘deposit’ to BC Game without a Memo/Tag/Payment ID. What should I do? Can BC Game help me recover my money?

Coco: Yes! In case of a deposit without a Memo/Tag/Payment ID you can contact our 24x7 live support chat for assistance.

💬Still need help? No worries!
You can quickly send us a message on help.bc.game to talk to one of our support staff who will be happy to assist you!
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