A lag in your internet speed can be the major problem while playing online games. If you encounter a problem while playing our games, please record any error messages displayed by the site (video/screenshots) and immediately share with us on support.bc.game for quick resolution.

You can troubleshoot minor browser issues too for a smooth gaming experience:

✅ If you’re using Google Chrome, check the hardware acceleration option is enabled.
🔺How to enable hardware acceleration in Chrome?
Open Google Chrome.
In the upper right corner, click ''triple-dot'' and then ''Settings''.
In the options menu on the left, select ''Advanced < System''.
After that, check the option ''Use hardware acceleration when available''.
Restart Google Chrome.

✅ Browser translation can also cause trouble at times, try to disable the translator & check.

✅ Try clearing your browser cache & cookies from settings. If your browser is still encountering problems try changing or updating your browser.

🔺 How to clear your cache and cookies?
It's easy, the deletion takes just a few minutes, but it changes depending on the browser. See the instructions below.

•In Chrome
Click on ''Menu'' and select ''Settings''.
In the Settings, scroll to the bottom and click on ''Advanced''.
In the section ''Privacy and security'' scroll down to find ''Clear browsing data''.
Click and then select ''cache and cookies''.
Select how often you want to clear it and click on ''Clear data''.

•In Mozilla Firefox
Click on the configuration icon, which contains a gear symbol in the upper right corner of the browser.
Then, select ''Privacy and security'' and click ''Clear data''.
Select the ''cookies and cache'' option and click ''Clear''.
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