Would you believe it if I told you that this was the most popular help topic? I guess a seemingly endless list of ways to enjoy free cryptocurrency at your favorite online casino has a special appeal to it. BC.Game is always thinking of new reasons to give loyal players more bonuses. Including, but not limited to the list below.

Daily Spin On The Lucky Wheel - Yes, you will get JB a lot but you will also get generous amounts of other coins too.

Hit Coco (VIP14) - Please do not actually hit him. I understand you would feel justified but if he cries, then I will cry. Instead, find him when he appears on your BC.Game screen once every 6 hours.

Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3) - Once per day, every player gets a free roll of four dice. The 10 highest rolls win. You must have placed one non JB bet on any game within the 24 hours prior to the Roll Point game.

Constant Chat Rains (VIP4) - All day, every day, you can receive free coins just by participating in chat.

Daily Wager Contest - Every 24 hours, the top ten players that wager the most will split the prize pool. The pool is progressive, meaning a small amount of every bet placed is added to the total prize amount.
Prizes Are Distributed As Follows
1st place – 50% of the Daily Contest prize pool
2nd place – 25% of the Daily Contest prize pool
3rd place – 12% of the Daily Contest prize pool
4th place – 6% of the Daily Contest prize pool
5th place – 3% of the Daily Contest prize pool
6th place – 1.5% of the Daily Contest prize pool
7th place – 0.9% of the Daily Contest prize pool
8th place – 0.7% of the Daily Contest prize pool
9th place – 0.5% of the Daily Contest prize pool
10th place – 0.4% of the Daily Contest prize pool

Rakeback (VIP14) - The amount of rakeback you get increases as your VIP levels do. You will earn either 5%, 7%, 10% or 15%. The formulas we use are:

Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 5%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 7%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 10%
Rakeback = Wagers * House Edge * 15%

(Remember the JB coin you were complaining about getting from the Lucky Spin? Well, you can use it to boost your rakeback an extra 5% for 1 hour.)

Master Medals - Please see the help topic article “How Do I Earn The Master Medals?” for detailed information on how to collect each one.
5 Medals: 20 BCD
10 Medals: 800 BCD
15 Medals: 2400 BCD
20 Medals: 10000 BCD

Affiliate Commissions - This one is by far, the most lucrative of all our bonuses. You get to earn coins while players that you invited play. I learned a trick a long time ago that helped me to refer only profitable players. Before I share my affiliate link with anyone, I hold them upside down by their ankles. If money falls out of their pockets they are worthy of using my link. Commissions start at 15%. If you have exceptional traffic and marketing skills, contact us to discuss special rates. For detailed information, please check out the affiliate page.

This list is only a few of the ways you can earn generous bonuses at BC.Game. There are many, many more unique and hidden opportunities as well. Be part of the community to find out more.

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