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What is Maxbet?

Articles on: Casino Games

Every game has a maxbet feature! In simple terms it means betting the maximum amount available in your wallet on one single bet.
It can mean two things either you win the bet and the wallet amount multiplies according to your chosen multiplier or you lose the bet and your entire wallet amount is lost in one single bet!

Always be extra careful and DOUBLE CHECK before placing your bet with ‘MAX BET’ option as this is truly not for the weak hearted! As the saying goes ‘It is double or nothing’ in true sense as it can either instantly multiply your wallet amount or make it a complete zero within seconds!

Here, It Is Worth Noting:

Regardless of Maxbet in that situation, players need to take full responsibility for the fair game results, so please challenge the appropriately!

And One More Note: When your MaxBet exceeds the maximum profit possible, the system will automatically adjust your bet to the maximum profit possible.

Updated on: 28/12/2021

Updated on: 19/03/2023

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