Shitcodes are bonuses that contain free coins with no strings attached. You can redeem them by following the instructions below. Once you redeem a Shitcode, the coins are yours. There are no impossible wager requirements and we won’t make you jump through hoops to withdraw if you so happen to win.^

Just in case you have only heard about these elusive codes in chat but have never seen one, this is an example of what one looks like.


The entire string above is the code. The “$” are part of it too so make sure you copy and paste the whole thing.

Your next question is probably “Where do I find these amazing bonuses called Shitcodes?” I’m glad you asked…….

We regularly share shitcodes on:
Our Forum:
Our Telegram group:
Our Twitter:
So check often so you don’t miss them.

There are, of course, other ways to get your hands on a Shitcode so be on the lookout for special events, chatroom games or drunken mods^^ carelessly giving Coco’s coins away.

Shitcodes have an upgraded version called Shitlinks. These do not require copying and pasting. To redeem a Shitlink, you simply click it and you will be directed to the login page at BC.Game where your coins will be there waiting for you. Enjoy and good luck!

^Under rare circumstances, you may be asked by customer service to provide info or verify your account. This only happens if we detect bonus abuses such as multi-account bonus claims.

^^Drunken, but always professional.

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