Non-Fungible Token, NFT. You’ve heard it, read it, and maybe you’ve thought that it might be something to look into another day. Well, that day is here now!

What is an NFT?

NFT’s are an intelligent way to store information on the blockchain. Originally NFT's came into existence to store and transfer various types of Digital Art via Blockchain. You could think of it as a sort of Copyright. The old way of copyrighting things like images, music and videos has not been working very well in this digital age. The blockchain technology enables a consumer to verify the authenticity of the Art and also the original ownership of the Art.

How NFT's are different from CryptoCurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are fungible. NFTs, as their name suggests, are not. One Bitcoin equals another Bitcoin, but one NFT does not equal another NFT. Each is distinct, unique, and valued differently depending on their perceived value and demand.

NFT technology evolved, the same technology has got wide applications in gaming, sports video copyright, music, videos, etc. With every new technology, there will be a lot of FOMO and lot of mis-leading projects as well. However, there are several good unique projects, and few projects where the NFT is linked to some kind of utility like;
The creators or the owners can set royalties upon each future sale.
A NFT project can represent the copyright ownership to a movie or music, where all the owners of that specific NFT, will share the income generated from that Movie/Music.
NFTs allows for an easier time trading in games, which can also increase the value since NFT items in games can have a different degree of rarity. The custom skins, the coins and the rare items (like weapons) in your games are basically NFT's. Eventually, all these collectibles will be turned into NFT's and can be sold on decentralized markets.

The above listed are just few use cases. For an innovative and creative mind, the applications of NFT's are endless. And, our creative team at BC.GAME came up with a innovative utility based NFT for the community.

What is DegenPass?

A Degen Pass is an utility based NFT for all the degen Gamblers out there. This pass gives you access to some rare bonuses, airdrops and special boosts on your existing VIP benefits. You can checkout all the details of the Degenverse on official website.

What's more?

What if it gives you access to a VIP part of the casino, where only those who own a piece of the NFT has access to?
Or imagine owning this piece of NFT will lower the house edge, just for you! While others are playing games with a 96% RTP, your RTP is 98% - as long as you have this NFT in your wallet.

The opportunities are endless! It doesn’t get any more special and exclusive than that!

Only 1777 Genesis Degenpasses will be minted, which will give you access to exclusive offers and perks. Later on, other Degenpasses will be made available, but without as many and exclusive perks. For the real gambler, the Genesis Degenpass is a must have. You do not want to miss this opportunity.

And if you ever get tired of playing at the casino, you can sell your Degenpass. Finding buyers will not be an issue, so you can count on making a nice profit once you sell it.

Do participate in our BigBang Event to mint a DegenPass.
You can also deposit NFT's to our platform and gamble with those, more details here

If you still have doubts, feel free to get in touch with our live customer support.
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