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Welcome to BC.Game

Articles on: Platform

First thing, we would like to applaud the incredible decision-making skills that you have shown by choosing BC.Game. Our hats are off to you.
In this guide, we will walk you through the very basic platform features that you should be aware of as a newbie as well as answer the most commonly asked questions.
We are glad you have decided to join us on this journey. Or, allowed us to join you on yours. Either way, it will be an exciting ride.
Sign Up and Login

If you have made it this far in life, it is probably safe to assume that you have mastered the new account sign up and email confirmation process used across the internet. BC.Game offers you five (5) different ways to sign in and/or sign up.

Google Account – Name and password.

FaceBook Account – Email and password.

Telegram Account – Phone number and verification key sent to the same Telegram account.

Wallet Connect – An Ethereum wallet browser extension – Required to be installed and open.

Email – Register your email with BC.Game – Click the verification link sent to your email address.

Grab Your Free Lucky Spin

After signing in, you should look to the right corner of the screen. You will have one free Lucky Spin available. You get one free spin every day.

The cryptocurrency rewards waiting for your Lucky Spin can be very generous. The image below shows you the possible prizes.

Meet JB Coin

By now, if you are super lucky, you should have some sweet JB Coin in your balance. JB Coin is a house token. It cannot be deposited or withdrawn but it can be used on the games to test out strategies, scripts, or just to get a feel for the style of the games in the BC.Game lineup. JB can also be used to eliminate withdrawal fee's (VIP 22 required) and to boost rakeback by 5% (VIP 14 required). Or, you can just hodl them.

The next stop on this tour of the most entertaining crypto casino in the world is the famous BC.Game chat. Your account must be at least 2 hours old before you can start socializing, though. This is necessary to prevent spam.

Sending a message in any chat room requires:

Depositing any amount (No minimum requirements)

Wagering a minimum 50 USD worth

There are multiple chat rooms with multiple languages. Just be sure that you are in the correct chatroom for whichever language you are speaking. If you speak multiple languages then feel free to mingle with them all. Each chat room has moderators that can answer basic questions but if you have a technical or transactional issue, it is best to contact the live 24/7 support.
The chat will reward active players all day, every day, so be sure to pop in and start up a conversation with our one-of-a-kind community that includes the most amazing humans on the planet. But do not spam or ask other players for tips. Ever. There is a zero-tolerance policy on these two offenses so if you break either of those two simple rules then you may find yourself unable to chat.
The chat features and available rewards are unlocked one by one as you increase your VIP level. The details of BCGame VIP program are beyond the scope of this article but you can find all the info you need on that topic here. Article VIP Level

Chat Room Rewards

Rain can be sent by users of any level or by BC.Game staff. This is a phenomenon that can’t be explained but for some reason when players win big, they feel the sudden urge to share a portion of their big win with the community. The recipients are chosen randomly. The only requirements to be eligible to receive rains are…

Must be VIP04 or higher

Must have been active in chat recently

Coin Drops

Coin drops are similar to rain except that the recipients are not chosen randomly. Once a Coin Drop appears in chat, the first players that click on it are the ones that receive it. Up to 100 bags can be dropped at one time but only one may be collected per player, per drop. The image below is just a screenshot of one so don’t start frantically clicking it.

Must be VIP07 or higher

Be fast enough to click it before anyone else.

You have to be quick. There are thousands of players going for the same bags.

Chat Games

Chat games can happen at any time and can consist of just about anything that one’s imagination can think of. There are usually no VIP level requirements for participating in chat games.

Task Bonuses

There are several tasks that can be performed to earn some bonus crypto. Some can be done once per day, every day. Check out the chart below for more details

There are two categories of Task

Daily Task

Weekly Task

Shit Codes

Shit Codes are special bonuses that you can paste into the Shit Code field under the bonus tab. They are preloaded with a mystery amount of cryptocurrency. They can be found all over the BC.Game Forum, various social media and sometimes even in chat. It is a historical fact that, never once, has a player asked for or demanded a Shit Code and then received one. So please do not beg for them in chat. It will not work. I promise.

Roll Competition
The Roll Competition is a free to play dice game that only occurs once per day (VIP level 3 required). The players that roll a score in the top 10 all win a prize!

You are all set. Good Luck and again Welcome to BC.Game!

Updated: December 2021

Updated on: 28/12/2021

Updated on: 19/03/2023

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