We have been offering wide range of bonuses for both big players and also players who start with little or no capital. Since our inception, we have been catering to offer the best for the community regardless of their bankroll. There are several bonuses available on our platform, which can be procured just by being active on the website. This list of bonuses is only increasing every single day, so we had to make a mega-collection of all the available bonuses for our users.

Bonuses for Newbies ( aka new player)

Daily Spin On The Lucky Wheel - Right after you signup, you will have a chance to spin lucky wheel where you have a chance to win 1BTC. However, don't be surprised if you are rewarded 10,000 JB coins frequently. The chance of winning value coins on lucky wheel is relatively less for new players. However, as you start being active on the platform, you will start getting better coins on the wheel, and eventually grab that 1 BTC (who knows?)
Deposit Bonus - As soon as you register on our website, you can avail this unique deposit bonus feature. Full guide here.
Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3) - Once per day, every player gets a free roll of four dice. The 10 highest rolls win. You must have placed one non JB bet on any game within the 24 hours prior to the Roll Point game.
Constant Chat Rains(VIP4) - All day, every day, you can receive free coins just by participating in chat.
Coin-Drops - Very much similar to chat rains, but in case of coin drops, you must not only be active but also be fast to grab those drops. The coins go to the fastest finger first.
Shitlink/Shitcodes - You can learn more about this infamous bonus feature on our platform over here
BC.Game Lottery - Jackpot Lottery with reward of $100k USD.
Level Up Bonus - As you keep wagering on our platform, we show our gratitude and appreciation towards the players by rewarding them Level-Up bonus, upon reaching next level. Get full details about level up on our vip-club.
Flash Drops - As the name suggests these go in a flash. All you have to do to get this bonus is to be subscribed to our notification on Telegram. Everything about Flash Drops - Click Here
Task Hub Rewards - One of the highly rewarding features of our platforms where you get rewarded for finishing simple tasks. More Details

So far we basically covered all the basic bonuses for novice gamblers. Let's dive into more bonuses as you climb up the ladder.

Most of these bonuses require you to be VIP 14+

Hit Coco (VIP14) - A COCO spider randomly appears every 6 hours. All you have to do is click the spider and you will be rewarded some BCD based on your level.
Daily Wager Contest - Every 24 hours, the top ten players that wager the most will split the prize pool. The pool is progressive, meaning a small amount of every bet placed is added to the total prize amount.

Rakeback (VIP14) - We offer the highest rakeback in the whole casino industry. Click here to know more about Rakeback and its breakdown
Master Medals - A token of appreciation for achieving a superior task on our platform. We reward 10,000$ if you accumulated all of them. You can find more here

Exclusive Bonuses for VIP 22+ Players:

Recharge - Innovative and highly rewarding bonus on our platform where you can claim bonus every 10 minutes depending on the last 7 days wager. Full guide on recharge here
Monthly Bonus - It's still in its preliminary phase. However, we recently started rolling out to most of our active players on the platform.

The above listed are the most common, well known and highly rewarding bonuses on our platform. However, we haven't finished yet. If you successfully managed to climb the level-up ladder to VIP 38+, there are some exclusive benefits for such VIP's like dedicated host service, Top-Up, Weekly Bonus and much more, do check out our guide on Perks of VIP 38+

With the immense growth of crypto and crypto gambling, we are delighted to offer, more and more back to the community. Do get in touch with live support if you have any questions about the bonuses listed above.
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