Task Hub, is one of the unique and highly rewarding features on our platform. You have to finish a few tasks and accumulate points to unlock BCD rewards. Task hub is available to all users on the platform regardless of their VIP level.

How do Task Hub Rewards Work?

Task Hub Challenges start Sunday GMT 00:00 and last for one week, ending Saturday GMT 23:59. During this whole week, you will have Daily Tasks and Weekly tasks. Weekly tasks you can finish anytime during the week. Daily tasks reset every 24 hours.

As soon as you finish a task, you will be rewarded points designated for that particular task. Once you have accumulated enough points to reach the different stages, BCD rewards will be given out immediately via your Rewards Notification.

Stage 1 : 140 Points
Stage 2: 350 Points
Stage 3: 560 Points
Stage 4 : 700 Points

How much reward in BCD do you get?

The Task Hub, rewards are entirely based on your wager. The more you wagered for that particular stage, bigger will be the rewards.

Bonus Tip : Make sure you finish as many tasks as you can on Task Hub when you wagered a lot. That will give you a big boost along with all other bonuses you get on our platform.

Why is my base bet so high?

Your base bet for finishing the tasks depends on your VIP level. However, you can always pick the tasks that are easy to accomplish and accumulate the points.

Why did I get lower rewards on 2nd 3rd 4th Stages, compared to 1st Stage?

As mentioned Task Rewards are entirely based on wager. Once you have claimed your rewards on 1st Level, the wager resets, you have to wager more to get better rewards on the second, third and fourth Stages.

Please note that the previous wagers do count, but the current stage wager is given higher weightage while calculating the rewards.
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