What is Recharge?

Recharge in basic terms means you get split bonuses (Recharges) throughout the week in different intervals set by the player.


If you are VIP level 22 and above and have wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past 7 days (24*7), you are eligible to make a request for Recharge Activation. Once activated, your Recharge will be redeemable for the next 7 days.

How to claim Recharge?

You can claim recharge by going to Recharge icon and opening dashboard, then click claim. This will depend on the interval you have set. Once recharge is ready to be claimed, the recharge icon will start flash glowing.

Recharge Frequency

Recharge can be collected in any crypto currency of your choice at a time best suitable to you!

Daily - Collect once every 24 hours (equals 18 hours’ worth)

Hourly - Collect up to 24 times a day

Flash Charge (10 min) - Collect up to 144 times every 24 hours

Recharge Calculation

Recharges are individually calculated based on your previous 7 days’ wagering, losses, and VIP level. Please claim the recharge in time to let the timer go on for next recharge.

What's New?

We have just upgraded the Recharge reward structure. As per the new upgrade, there will no longer be USDT rewards, however the overall Recharge bonus will get a big boost.

Players can also request weekly bonus upon request of new recharge. For that simply click on Contact Host for weekly VIP bonus which in turn will open a private chat with the respective Host.

NOTE: Only eligible VIP 38+ players are assigned host.

In simple terms, the new recharge structure will offer higher rewards to the player vs the old recharge with USDT rewards and ability to get weekly bonus after recharge request.
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