Provable Fairness

Provably Fair
Provably fair is the latest technology that graced online gambling. The technology is primarily used in bitcoin or crypto casinos and games. To define it, provably fair is an algorithm that checks and verifies an online casino’s fairness towards its players. It relinquishes the fear of most players that online gambling sites will rip them off.

Provably fair uses three variables:
Server seed – this variable is provided by the site.
Client seed – this variable is given by the player’s browser and can be adjusted by them.
Cryptographic nonce – a number that grows parallel to the bets a player makes.

The process is a bit complicated, especially for those who are not versed with bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. First, the online casino produces a seed number. The number will be hashed and sent to the bettor before placing a bet or play. Hash functions or hashing converts a lengthy data string to a shorter one.

With hashing and the randomness of the server seed, the operators cannot easily change it. The same goes for the player wherein the seed is encrypted. In turn, the bettor’s browser will randomly generate a seed. Players are advised to calibrate the client seed before betting or gambling.

Once both seeds are present, they interact with each other to create the bet’s result. As for the nonce, the number will start at 0 or 1, depending on the website. It will increase every time you place a bet. The algorithm uses the seeds and the nonce in selecting a randomizable action in the game.

When the player is done, they will get the unencrypted version of the client seed and verify the game’s fairness. The bettors can confirm the results on-site through a verifier. Simply input the unhashed seeds to see if the value it produces is the same one in the game.
For an extensive breakdown on how this technology is protecting you, feel free to visit Crypto Gambling Foundation website to learn more.

Crypto Gambling Foundation
BC.Game is a verified operator on the Crypto Gambling Foundation network. This foundation aims to uphold the highest standard of provably fair gambling and we are proud to be a part of their network. You can find further information and insights about provable fairness and the power it has in this industry, check out the Crypto Gambling Foundation via their website:

How to verify fairness of the Game?
You can check the details of your bets under the game being played.
✅Select MY BETS and click on the bet ID of the game.

✅ Then click ‘verify’ next to the game hash.

BC Game uses a third-party scripted verification system that allows players to check the fairness of each bet and confirm they have not been manipulated.
As we always say ‘Don’t trust, Verify!
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