BC.Game Chat & Forum Rules
Last updated: 6/18/20

Below are the official chat rules set forth by BC.Game which apply to on-site chat along with all Official BCGame Telegram chat groups. Additionally, these rules pertain to the forum as well. By using any form of communication on BC.Game's platform, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following rules:

No Begging for Tips or Rain
This includes both ACTIVE and PASSIVE begging. There isn’t a fine line between begging and not begging. You either are or you’re not, so don’t do it unless you want to be muted and/or banned.

No Referral Links to other Casinos or Anywhere Else
Do not post referral links here for anything, especially not to other casinos. Doing so will get you banned. Clean links are ok for the most part, provided it’s not something such as a link to shill your own Telegram channel. Also note that BCGame is not responsible for any external sites you may visit, so please take caution when clicking on such links that others post. If you come across a malicious link that someone posted, please report to a mod or admin immediately. For the forums, there is a category you can shill your links in if you so please.

Don’t Spam Or Post Meaningless/Irrelevant Content
Plain and simple. Don’t post stuff that would be considered spam. Typing the same message over and over again is considered spam, as is posting irrelevant content just to be noticed.

Derogatory Remarks about Race/Religion/Gender is Strictly Prohibited
While we do support freedom of speech here at BCGame, we DO NOT tolerate any sort of abuse pertaining to race, religion or gender. Doing so will get you banned immediately, no second chances.

Borrowing/Lending/Trading is Prohibited in Public Chat
Do not ask to borrow coin or conduct trades for anything in public. This is not an open market, there are other places you can do so if you please with the proper logistics in place to reduce scams. Taking part in such activities outside of public chat is on you, and in doing so you accept that BCGame is not responsible for any issues that may arise from it. This rule was set in place due to the increase of scammers and complaints pertaining to such activities.

Obey All BCGame Admins/Mods/Support Staff, Their Word is Final
It doesn’t matter if they are new, a veteran, or someone you just don’t like for whatever reason. Mods are in place to serve a purpose, to moderate chat. If a BCGame staff member or mod instructs you to stop doing something, then stop. No questions asked. If you feel that their request is wrong, please ask another mod or contact an admin to review. Failure to comply will obviously get you banned.

Have Fun During Your Stay at BC.Game
Failure to do so will leave yourself and everyone around you with feelings of unhappiness and negativity so please comply with this rule. In all seriousness, BCGame is a gaming site (bet you didn’t know that) with a great community. Try to remember its not just about winning pro profit. First and foremost you should be having fun before anything else. Lastly, don’t spend more than you can afford. This will more than likely cause you to break this rule, and that’s just a bummer for everyone. If you have a gambling problem and don’t feel that you can stop on your own, please visit https://www.begambleaware.org/ for details on how to receive help. Additionally, you may contact BCGame support to self-ban your account.
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