We already have many bonuses on the platform. The Monthly bonus is a major addition for the VIP players on our platform. It's been a few months since we introduced this bonus, and our high-level VIP players are enjoying this bonus to the fullest.

What is a Monthly Bonus?

The monthly bonus is an extra fund given to eligible players on the platform based on their VIP Level and recent gameplay.

It's mostly given out in BCD. You should see rewards notifications upon the release and can be claimed instantly. However, you can swap it to all major currencies, play or withdraw as you wish.

When does Monthly Bonus arrive?

There is no specific answer to this. It's regarded as a surprise bonus for higher-level VIP players, rewarding their recent gameplay(30 days period, since the last monthly bonus). However, if you look at all our recent monthly bonuses, they landed between the 15th to 20th of every month. So, those are the dates you should keep an eye on. However, if you ask the support or anyone else, you won't get a straight answer for this. As said, it comes as a surprise to everyone.

How is my Monthly Bonus calculated?

There is no specific calculation. This is an extra fund/bonus rewarded to esteemed players. However, if you pay closer attention to your last 30 days' wager and your monthly bonus, you might get an idea.

Please note that these calculations could change in the future depending on several factors. Sometimes, we might give out multiple monthly bonuses, on major occasions.

Who is eligible for a Monthly Bonus?

The eligibility for this bonus changes from time to time, depending on several factors. However, we will give you a hint of possible eligibility to not miss out on any monthly bonuses in the future.

VIP Level: We prefer rewarding this bonus to our loyal players. So, being VIP 38+ is one of the major requirements. However, we will keep extending this to lower level players as well. If you are VIP 22+, there is a high chance you might have one as well, provided you met the wager requirement.
Activity: Also, we prefer to reward the players who spend more time on our platform, and put a good wager. So, the wagering requirement would be around 10k$+.

So, make sure you climb up the VIP ladder and wager good to get a bigger Monthly Bonus in the upcoming months.
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