BC.Game has always been a step ahead in adapting new trends in the blockchain technology. For the same reason we have been awarded as the Best Crypto Casino of the Year 2021 at Sigma Awards. With the introduction of DegenPass, we built and embraced new ecosystem of the blockchain - NFT's and Defi.

Learn more about Degenverse and DegenPass here

In this article, we will be covering a basic step by step process, how to deposit and merge your NFT's and use them to play on our platform.

What is mNFT?

Essentially each 1 mNFT is a one thousandth of an NFT. Players can play and gamble with it, just the same as any coin. If they accumulate enough they can merge it into an NFT of the same collection.

Note that the mNFT value will be displayed in USD as well, so you will have a clear idea of how much bet you are placing while gambling.

How to deposit NFT and Play?

You can go to NFT section of the wallet over here - https://bc.game/wallet/deposit/MNFT

There you can find the list of NFT’s we accept. Currently we allow only a limited NFT to deposit, we will keep adding more in future based on the demand. You can deposit the accepted NFT's to ERC20 wallet address provided on your wallet.

Once you deposited your NFT, you can then further split that into mNFT's to be able to gamble further, as shown below.

Merge and Split:

Split : To be able to gamble in USD, you should split your NFT.
Merge : To be able to mint the NFT, and to withdraw the NFT, you should merge it.
If you have fraction of our DegenPass, then it is displayed as below - mDegenPass:

As you can see that the fractional share is displayed in USD value, using which you can bet on any of our games on the platform. Once your balance reaches adequate enough, you can merge your mNFT into a DegenPass. Similarly, if you deposited other NFT's it will be shows as below:

mNFT on Lucky Wheel Spin:

mNFT has been added to lucky spin. Don't be surprised if you noticed rewards in mNFT on your lucky spin. You can use that to play like any other currency. Example if you have 10 mNFT of DegenPass, and you gamble and win 1,000. You can then merge your mNFT into a DegenPass.

Please note that this feature is relatively new and we will keep adding more and more upgrades as we progress. If you still have any more doubts regarding this feature, you can get in touch with our live customer support.
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