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Master Medal Rewards

5 Medals: 20 BCD

10 Medals: 800 BCD

15 Medals: 2400 BCD

20 Medals: 10000 BCD

How Do I Earn The Master Medals?

Talkative: Talk in any chat room for a total of 200 days. (Does not need to be continuous for 200 days! Missing days does not impact your counter.)

Fearless One: Awarded when a user has lost approx. 5 BTC worth of coins in a single day.

The Loaded King: Have the highest wallet balance ever in the history of BC.Game. (Vault balance excluded)

Highest Contribution: Awarded to the player with highest wager ever in the history of BC.Game.

The Top Gun: Reach the highest VIP Level (SVIP 33).

The Rain Master: Receive rain 99 times.

COCO Lover: Hit Coco 200 times in total. (Not physically! Coco is a gentle croc. Every 6 hours, Coco will appear on your screen in his favorite cosplay)

Invincible Lucky Dog: Hit a 99,000x multiplier or higher payout in any game.

Contest Master: Staying as the ‘Top 3’ ranks in the monthly contest for three consecutive months! Discontinued until further notice.

Roll King: Win the ROLL Point game with a 1st place rank one time. (Roll Point game is available once every day at specific time for 10 minutes. You have to be level 3 and you must place at least one non-JB bet on any game the 24 hours prior to the ROLL Point game).

The Rain Stormer: Send a total amount of $100 in chat room rains.

Chicken Dinner: Win overall profits of $10,000.

Loyal Player: Place 10 million bets on any games. (You can do that on hashdice easily by betting on the lowest multiplier).

Call Me Richman: Your total wager must reach $1 million.

The Old-Timer: Your account must reach the age of 1 year.

The Boss: Tip 99 different people in the chat room. (Not 99 tips but 99 tips to 99 different users).
99 problems? Not anymore, you're the boss!

ETH TOP 1: Reach the number 1 ranking in profits of ETH. (Current record holder won 263.0463 ETH).

BTC TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of BTC. (Current record holder won 20.05 BTC).

DOGE TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of DOGE. (Current record holder won 23433146.8280 DOGE).

EOS TOP 1: Reach number 1 ranking in profits of EOS. (Current record holder won 5776.2464 EOS).

JB does not participate in medal calculation
Medals can take up to 48hrs to credit to your account

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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