Once you signup for BC.GAME, immediately you come across Lucky Spin where you can spin and win up to 5 BTC. You can see LUCKY, SUPER, and MEGA spin on the Wheel, and let us dive into the details of each spin.

The LUCKY spin is for the Bronze and Silver accounts. Here the users have a chance to win 1 BTC in the free spin.
The SUPER spin is for Gold and Platinum accounts. Here the users have a chance to win 3 BTC in the free spin.
The MEGA spin is for Diamond accounts, i.e., 70+ level. Here the users have a chance to win 5 BTC in the free spin.

These are categorised to make our users feel special each day they spin the Wheel and enjoy the perks of being valued customers of BC.GAME. Based on your wager, the level you are determines the free spin reward. The chance of winning value coins on the lucky Wheel is relatively less for new players. However, as you start being active on the platform, you will get better coins on the Wheel and eventually grab that 1 BTC - 5 BTC based on your account level.

NOTE : Everyone is concerned about the missing JB coins on the Wheel. You will still receive 20,000 JB coins as a daily check-in bonus and the wheel spin reward.

You can also check what other users won by clicking at the bottom of the Lucky Spin.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky Wheel Spin:

How many free spins do I get per day?

Once every 24 hours. The clock resets on 12:00 AM GMT every day.

How to check my lucky spin winnings?

Go to Transactions -> Bill -> Select All Currencies - > Bonus - Here, you should be able to find all the recently received bonuses.

Is it really possible to win 1, 3 or 5 BTC?

The odds of hitting these is extremely rare. However, with the new update we did some revolutionary changes, and you will see some insane wins on Lucky Spin. Who knows, you might be the one to get it!

The Wheel stopped on 1 BTC or 3 BTC or 5 BTC, why didn't I get rewarded?

If you open lucky spin after already claiming your daily spin, it will show the winning segment as 1 BTC, this is common in all profiles; when you spin it, the reward will have pop up that is the exact reward that will be credited in majority of the cases. If you fail to see the pop up, you can check in bill data; the coin reward will be available there. To find your bill, select cryptocurrency > wallet > transactions > bill.

Why did the Spin show different to the coin that I was awarded?

Possibly some sort of animation glitch or latency in the network connectivity. The data that shows up on your Bill is the real data, and it will be considered as full and final. Do not go to support about this without checking the Bill.

What are LOCKED BCD rewards on Wheel Spin?

Often you realize that you get rewards in BCD on the Wheel, however you might be a little disappointed that the BCD reward is locked and cannot be used to play with immediately.

Based on your level and past week activity, majority of the time you get rewarded in a coin that has value using which you can play with.
However, there is a chance that you could also receive locked BCD as part of our wheel. Read more about unlocking BCD here.

Every 24 hours, you can get a chance to spin the Wheel and get lucky to receive a valuable coin. Start your day with the wheel spin, and the Wheel always has its surprises for you
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