Wheel is an absolutely easy and fun game.
The multipliers on wheel vary according to the risk factor selected. They are divided into Low, Medium, High
✅The Low risk has:
Two: 0.00x multiplier
One: 1.5x multiplier
Seven: 1.20x multiplier
✅The Medium risk has:
Four: 0.00x multiplier
Two: 1.5x multiplier
One: 2.0x multiplier
One: 3.0x multiplier
✅The High risk has:
One 9.9x multiplier
Nine 0.00x multiplier.

The segment section allows players to to get high multiple chances of winning on a single game play. Segments are 10,20,30,40 & 50.

🔺 MAX button which allows you to bet all of the remaining balance in a maximum value bet.
🔺/2 button which allows you to divide a stake in to two (half)
🔺x2 button which allows you to double your current stake
🔺 MIN button which allows you to bet the minimum possible amount on the game.
🔺 Auto function for players who are familiar with auto function settings where the bets are placed automatically as ler how you set them.
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