Tower of Legend is a fun game with comparable characteristics to the classic Minesweeper game. Climb up the rows to the tower and get the highest multiplier! Be wary of the Skulls: they can seriously prevent you from reaching the top of the tower.

How to Play Tower of Legend:

The Game has five difficulty levels: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, EXTREME, NIGHTMARE. Each difficulty level has a different amount of skulls. Depending on the difficulty level, the multiplier also varies. Your goal is to climb to the top without hitting skulls.

Manual Mode

In the manual mode, you have to pick the Tiles one by one. You can also cash out at any point throughout the game before hitting skull.

Auto Mode

Before switching to auto, select the Difficulty Level and switch to Auto. There will be a preview section where you have to pick the tiles for Auto betting. You can start Auto Bet once you have selected your pattern for picking the Tiles. Your bet will be cashed out automatically once you hit the desired pattern.

What is the House Edge of Tower of Legend?

1% House Edge.

How to Verify the Fairness of your Bets:

All our original games are based on " Provable Fairness ". You can verify all your results with the on site Verification Tool.
To verify the results of the bet you need to reset the seed. To result the seed, click on the seed ICON on the bottom right, as shown in the screenshot below and click on Use New Seeds.

Then go to My Bets section, click on verify. Let's verify the fairness for one of the bets I placed -

Upon clicking verify, you will be able to see the Unhashed Server Seed, Client Seed, Nounce, Mode of the Game, and the Final Result.

You can also view the detailed result by clicking Verify on Github link provided.

A very fun and interesting game with good potential. Feel free to get in touch with live support if you need any kind of clairfication.
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