With the power of the Saviour Sword, Hal Green will be able to defeat the evil.

Saviour Sword is a 5-reel, 1-row video slot game featuring Lucky Spin and Bonus Respin. Our casino offers its players a unique chance to multiply their wins and have fun. You can test the gameplay with JB coins.

🔺How To Play It?
•You need to set bet amounts carefully and click on the Bet button to place a manual bet.
•You can also press the 'HOLD FOR AUTO'button for a few seconds and the game will start auto bet for next 100 rounds automatically.
•To cancel the automatic mode, click on 'HOLD FOR AUTO' button again and it will stop the auto bet.

💎 Diamond Symbols and coin symbols appearing on any reel will give a payout!
More the symbols, more the bonus🤑

😺 Cat symbols appearing on any reel triggers a cat respin. Cat Respin guarantees a bonus reward!

⚔️ 3 Sword symbols appearing on the reels triggers a lucky spin.

• Sword handle will only appear on reel 2 always
• Sword blade will only appears on reel 3 always
• Sword tip will only appear on reel 4 always

You have a chance to get all the three parts of the sword in Spin. The prize amounts vary from x1 multiplier to x100 multiplier!

Note: Lucky spin gives x100 bonus OR Diamond symbols and Coin symbols on all reels.

🔻The table below shows the major payment combinations:

Symbols Payouts
1 Black Diamond [x15]
1 Traditional Diamond [x10]
1 Heart Diamond [x8]
1 Pink Diamond [x7]
1 Purple Diamond [x5]
1 Blue Diamond [x2]
1 Light blue diamond [x1]
1 Emerald or Gold Coin [x0.5]
1 Bronze or Silver Coin [x0.3]
1 😺 Cat [Respin]
3 ⚔️ sword symbols [Lucky spin]

House Edge 2.1%
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