🔻What is Plinko?

Plinko is a super fun and easy game of chance played with a ball “plinking” down the vertical board which has an offset rows of pegs. Represented the board in the form of a pyramid (◮).

🔻How To Play Plinko?

✅You need to set bet amounts, choose the odds, choose the bonus line, and hit the 'Bet' button. The number on the bonus line means how much your bet will be multiplied when the ball falls into a hole.
✅The gameplay is simple: the player chooses from 8 to 16 rows, hoping the ball would fall into one of the chosen holes with the best payout. Now the ball bounces through the obstacles/pegs from the top of the pyramid down the board bottom. The ball eventually ends up at the bottom peg and determines the prize.
✅There are different payouts when you press the 'Bet' button.

✅There are 3 possible game modes (Risk): Low, Medium, and High. You can define 8 to 16 rows.

✅ Plus, you can set up automatic bets.

🔺House Edge 1% for Plinko
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