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How to Play Mines?Mines Bet Verification:

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Mines is a new addition to our original games collection. The concept of mines is simple and straight forward. Select the number of Mines and start picking the Diamonds without landing on Mines.

How to play Mines?

Select the number of mines you wish to place for the round.

Press BET button to start the round.

Each gem revealed will increase the payout multiplier.

Cash out any point to win at the last multiplier displayed.

If a mine is revealed, you lost your bet and the game ends there.

You may set more mines to increase multipliers on each gem revealed.

What is the house edge?

Mines has only 1% House Edge

Auto Mode Operation Instructions:

[ON WIN] when you win, the next bet amount will 'increase by (your set)' or Rest to initial amount.

[ON LOSE] when you lose, the next bet amount will 'increase by (your set)' or Rest to initial amount.

[STOP ON WIN] Once the amount won (from start to this bet) is bigger/equal than (your set). auto will stop;

[STOP ON LOSS] Once the amount lost (from start to this bet) may be bigger/equal than (your set), auto will stop.

All our original games are based on " Provable Fairness ". You can verify all your results with the on site Mines Verification Tool. We will breakdown how to verify your results in a simple manner, with an example.

Example 1 : Here, I'm making a simple bet with 1 Mine, then picked a Diamond and cashed it out for 1.03X Multiplier.

Now to verify the results of the bet I need to result the seed. To result the seed, click on the seed ICON on the bottom right, as shown in the screenshot below and click on "*Use New Seeds**".

Once, you reset the seed, head over to "My Bets" section and go to the bet ID that you are looking to verify and click on that. Now that you reset the seed, you should be able to see Verify button on your bet, click verify.

That will take you to our On Site Fairness verification tool, where your Unhashed Server Seed and Click Seed are already entered. Then at the bottom, you will see the final result, based on the mines you selected.

Understanding the Final Result for Example 1:

The final result is displayed based on the Mines you selected. In my case, I selected only 1 Mine, and the final result is marked as 16. So, the 16th tile on my game is a MINE. If I hit the 16th tile on first click, that would be a losing bet, all other tiles selected would result in a winning bet.

NOTE : The tiles are numbered from LEFT to RIGHT

Example 2 : I selected 10 mines for this example and tried to pick 2 Diamonds. However, I hit a mine on my second pick which resulted in a losing bet.

Now, let's verify this bet using the verification tool, and figure out why this bet resulted in a loss.

The steps remain the same, first I have to reset the existing seed and then head-over to verify the results on the on-site Fairness Verification Page. The below is the final result for the bet.

Understanding the Final Result for Example 2:

As mentioned, I have selected 10 Mines. So, as per the final result, the tiles - " 7, 18, 25, 12, 6, 2, 9, 20, 21, 10" are Mines. My second click was on Tile 7, which was a Mine and resulted in a losing bet.

Similarly, you can verify all your bets made on Mines game. Feel free to get in touch with the support, if you have any kind of doubts related to Mines game and it's verification process.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

Updated on: 19/03/2023

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