Please find below the step-by-step process of how you can deposit funds from your crypto wallet into your BC Game account wallet. We have also mentioned a few wallet names most compatible with the corresponding coins for our new users.

Go to your BC Game wallet by clicking the ‘wallet’ icon next to balance on top right corner.
Now choose the coin you want to add in your BC Wallet.
A window with your wallet address and destination tag for the corresponding coin will show up on your screen.
Copy this address. This is your BC Game wallet address for the coin you chose.
Open your crypto wallet/exchange and select the same coin. (As in point 2)
Now click on ‘Send’.
It will ask you to paste the address of your wallet and the amount you want to send.
Now paste the address you copied from your BC Game wallet in this space and mention the amount you want to add to your BC Game account.
For some coins you will see a blank field next to the address as “MEMO/TAG”
In such scenarios, you can find the tag on screen in step 3.
It is IMPORTANT to copy and paste this destination/memo tag in the required field for the transaction to be successful.
Click ‘Send’
Now the transaction will initiate.
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