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♥️ Kindly share answers for the following:
How long have you been associated with BC?
Where do you come from and what is your native language?
What is your time zone? Do you have a fixed online time?
Do you have any work experience?
What are your expectations for becoming a MOD?

💌 Drop a mail to with the mail subject line as “MOD Application”

MOD Rule Book and Guide:

This rule book is made for uniformity of the chat rooms so that all bans are fair and justifiable for every user.

Begging: If you see a user asking for coins/rains/drops simply warn them that it's prohibited and will lead to ban. If user still does that ban him/her for 15 minutes with warning "Its a warning ban of 15 minutes; next one will be 24 hours". If the user repeats it then go ahead and ban as warned earlier.
Spamming: If you see any user spamming continuosly ban them for 15 minutes and keep an eye on the user if he does it again ban them for 24 hours.
Links in chat: If a user is sharing any kind of referral links in chat simply ban for 24 hours and post warning message "(username) Banned for 24 hours for sharing links in chat"
Different language: all chatrooms are language specific except Global so if you see any user using different language in room simply warn him first "This is a language specific room please use the same language or use Global chatroom" if the user ignores the warning and still keeps on dping it ban for 24 hours.
Cursing/ Offensive post: If a user is cursing obscenities or posting offensive things try to calm the user down by talking to him and if the user is not ready to receptive to a conversation then give a warning ban of 15 minutes "Giving you timeout of 15 minutes to calm down and chat properly" If it still happens then 24 hour ban. "SCREENSHOT ALL CONVO" so if user is coming to support we know what really happened.
Trading/exchange: while we don't allow any kind of exchanges or trades still users like to do it but for this we can't just go and ban them. We have to inform them that it's a risky thing and if the user understands the risks and still would like to take the risk then they can do so in personal chat and not in public chat room. If the user still keeps on doing it warn them with friendly 15 minutes ban.
Multiple accounts: If you suspect any user has multiple accounts just take their user profile link and report in the tele MOD group we will check and do the needful.
Scammer: if you suspect or someone complains to you about getting scammed or any such complaint just let us know about it on tele group. Tag Yoko and Panda for such entries.

In simple language we don't have to ban the players for small petty things! Instead we have to make them understand the rules and make them follow the rules instead of going around and banning everyone and keep them active on chat! That’s what makes a healthy and happy community!

Timings for mods:

As the BC community is growing we need to have 1 MOD atleast in a room all time so for Global and English chat we will have 2 mods each and rest mods whose room are not so much active needs to participate in active rooms.

So for this to be brought into effect we need every MOD to let us know a specific time with their timezones that they will be available. Hence it will help us know which time the chat will have no mod and we will hire new MODs accordingly.

Salary package and more:

Currently we will offer $70/month to every mod + there will be monthly tasks and competitions for more earning. These tasks and competitions will roll out soon then we will provide full info on them.

PS: Having mods in chatrooms is not to keep banning players but to moderate the rooms so that the users have fun while playing and spending time on the site . It is not to have irate users hating the mods and complaining/fighting every now and then. Keep the personal stuff away and then moderate the rooms according to the rule book so everyone is happy and wants to be more in chatrooms. The users come from different walks of life, various personal issues and problems just like all of us! They come here to have a good time not to get more stress of biases or tyranny of team. As a mod we have to have a thick skin and take everything with a grain of salt (not get offended easily and not take every thing to heart) as been in the casino industry we will surely get users who are losing or angry and will lose their cool and remove their frustration on chat. We as MODS need to know how to handle this sticky situation.
For any queries related to this/timing issues/mod unavailable/ holiday/ basically anything you guys need I am the man. Let me know what you guys need too. Let us strive to be a super functional and fun community!
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