Using Two Factor Authenticator (2FA) is a very secure method for ensuring that even if a hacker is able to crack your password, they still cannot access your accounts and steal your coins or identity.
Activating 2FA on the site is simple and we strongly suggest to activate your 2FA for added security.

Follow below Steps to Activate 2FA?

Download an Authentication App on your phone (Google Authenticator is the best one currently)

Sign in to your BC.Game account

Go to >
It will prompt you to confirm your login password. (the one you recently set)
Once you confirm your password, you will see a QR code.

Note: Save the key safely with you

Open Google Authenticator on your device and choose one of two options a. Scan the QR code (preferred method)

Enter the secret key (can be used if you are on the same device as authenticator)
After scanning the QR code for the first time; Google Authenticator will give you a six (6) digit code that you will need to enter into the provided field.
Be quick because your code is only good for 120 seconds. Then it refreshes and gives you a new code.

Check "time correction for codes" in your 2FA app
In the app click the 3 dots (top right) > settings > time correction for codes > sync now

That's it! Your 2FA is now activated!
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