Using 2FA is a very secure method for ensuring that even if a hacker is able to crack your password, they still can not access your accounts and steal your coins or identity. Activating 2FA on the site is simple.

Follow the steps below:
✅ 1. Click on your Profile and then on ''Settings''.
✅ 2. Click Security-2FA.
✅ 3. It will show a pop-up: For account security, please confirm the account password.
✅ 4. Safely save your secret key.
✅ 5. You will need a Two Factor Authentication app to scan the 2FA code.
🔺Check out our detailed post about 2fa:
✅ Enter the name in the pass key: BC Game or of your choice. You can use the QR code.
✅ You will see the 6-digit code that changes periodically (this is your 2FA code).
✅ 6. Enter this code quickly within seconds and click ''Confirm''. As the code changes randomly periodically you have to enter the given code as soon as you receive it.

You can also access this link to set up 2FA:
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