Deposits can take anywhere between 1min- 2hrs depending on the blockchain. Deposits are usually pretty fast here at BC Game provided all details are correctly entered i.e, address (incase of USDT make sure you use the specific address either ERC20 or TRC20) and Tag/Memo.
Our wallets do not support contract deposit and this may delay your deposits for up to 12 hours, hence it is faster and direct to use Metamask, Atomic or Trust wallets for deposits as they support non contract deposits.

Note: If you do not receive the deposit within 2 hrs you can contact customer support for assistance on


Q: What is the minimum amount for deposit?
A: You can deposit any amount you wish. We do not have a minimum or maximum deposit limit.

Q: How many confirmations are required at Blockchain for my transaction to process?
A: Different coins have different network confirmation. You can refer the table below for details:

Coins Confirmations Necessary
BTC: [1-3]
SATS: [Pay Bitcoin within 1 sec]
ETH: [6]
XRP: [6-12]
DOGE: [6-12]
USDT: [6]
LTC: [6-12]
BCH: [2]
XLM: [6-12]
TRX: [6-12]
BSV: [9]
EOS: [6-12]
DAI: [6-12]
USDC: [6-12]
XMR: [6-12]
NBX: [6-12]
VSYS: [6-12]
TRTL: [6-12]
VNDC: [6-12]
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