As the name suggests, they come in a flash and go in the blink of an eye. The fastest finger will catch them first, and people who are are slow have to leave with sad faces . In this article, I will answer all your queries related to Flash Drops and suggest best practices to catch them as frequently as possible.

What are Flash Drops?

We drop a ShitCode on our Telegram Channel, which is limited to a certain number of people and requires a certain level to claim them. Who cares quick enough to copy-paste the ShitCode mentioned before it reaches the threshold limit will get some reward in the currency mentioned in the Flash Drop.

NOTE: Please understand that these Flashdrops are free goodies and purely random and also limited. Try not to contact live support or your vip host or anyone else regarding these flash drops. If you missed this drop, then try your luck on the next drop.

Steps to Redeem the Flash Drop:

You must be subscribed to our Telegram Notifications Channel - Subscribe now. Make sure you keep the notifications turned on.
Once, you get the Flash Drop notification, be quick enough to open it and copy the code.

Then head over to our promotions page - or click on the left side GREEN ICON with $ Symbol , and redeem the code.

Once you have claimed, check what else was mentioned in Flash Drop - we are currently giving double rewards those who post their screenshot on our Telegram Group.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Flash Drops:

What is the value of the ShitCode in the Flash Drop?

Depending on the Flash Drop, it can be anywhere between $1 to $25. When there is any special occasion, we do more significant drops. However, it's usually around $2 to $10 range. Also, note that we might set random amounts for users on most of our drops. So, you notice some get higher, while some get low.

How many people can redeem the Drop?

This also depends on several factors, but one thing is for sure -Only a limited number of people will get the drop. So, if you are late, then good luck next time.

What is the VIP level requirement to redeem these drops?

Like other variables, this also differs from drop to drop. But, if you are VIP 38+, you are eligible for 99% of our bonus drops. However, we randomly keep changing the VIP level requirements from time to time.

Is there any specific time to look for flash drop?

No specific time, it's random. That's why we call them Flash Drops.

Do we have Flash Drops every single day?

NO and Yes. We do flash drops the majority of the days but not every day. If COCO is in a good mood, you might have multiple drops on some given day .

What to do when there is an error with the flashdrops?

First and fore-most, do not contact live support nor anyone else.
If there is an error then most likely you were not able to get the drop.
If its an error from our end, it will be rectified and there might be another drop, or maybe not. You have to wait for the next Flashdrop.

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