Weekly Bonus, is an exclusive bonus on our platform for VIP 38+ players with a VIP-Host. As of now, it's only available for VIP Players with Host. We might consider rolling out this bonus for lower-level VIPs in the future (however, no estimated timeline at this point).

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weekly Bonus:

What is Weekly Bonus?

As the name says, it's given out once a week by your VIP host, mostly in BCD. You must contact your VIP Host either via a message on the platform or via Telegram. It's entirely the player's responsibility to message the assigned host and claim this bonus.

When to claim this Bonus?

You Weekly Bonus aligns with your recharge cycle. As soon as one recharge ends, you must activate the next recharge and contact your Host for Weekly Bonus. So, it lands at different times for different people depending on their recharge cycle.

Your recharge must be active to get a Weekly Bonus.

How is the Weekly Bonus Calculated?

We do not prefer to share the calculation breakdown for any of our special bonuses, as we might change it in the future depending on several parameters. However, estimating weekly bonus calculation is no rocket science. Just pay attention to your last week's wager and your weekly bonus, you will get an idea.

What to do when your Host is not available?

Your host will be available to you the majority of the time, don't be in a rush, as they are real people too. Get information about your host working timeline(Timezone in GMT), either adapt according to that, or you can ask for a host change who fits your Timezone.

In rare circumstances, a host might be on a long leave. In such a case, we will assign you a temporary host. You can get your weekly and other VIP Host related services from them.

In extremely rare circumstances like medical emergencies or unforeseen issues - after waiting long enough, if your host is not responding, you can reach out to our live support, they will connect to our VIP Host Manager and issue your weekly bonus.

Feel free to let us know if you have more doubts on this topic. We will answer them and update the topic. Learn more about complete list of bonuses we offer here.
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