Weekly Bonus is an exclusive bonus on our platform for VIP 22+ players. As the name suggested, its issued once a week.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weekly Bonus:

What is Weekly Bonus?

The Weekly bonus is a bonus automatically paid out every Friday to players at VIP level 22 and above. The bonus’s size depends on how much you have wagered the past week. .

Why the Weekly Structure has Changed?

After taking onboard feedback from our community, we’ve decided to introduce a regular auto-weekly bonus for players V22 and above. Previously V22+ players would get the monthly bonus only, so this is an excellent perk for everyone.

How is the Weekly Bonus Calculated?

The calculation for the weekly bonus remains the same; the only difference you will notice is that it will likely not align with your recharge renewals, but don’t worry! All wagering completed from 00:00 on Friday until 23:59 on Thursday (UTC) will be covered with the bonus amount issued each Friday.

At the time of updating this article: The weekly bonus equates to 8$ for every 10,000$ wagered, or 0.08% of your wager.

Is there a minimum wager amount required?

Yes, the minimum wager requirement is $1,000 between the period (Friday-Thursday). Please note the weekly bonus is wager-based, so the more you wager, the higher your bonus amount
will be!

How do I claim the bonus?

The new weekly bonus will be automatically dropped to all eligible players (Enough wagered,V22+) notifications-rewards section each Friday.

Feel free to let us know if you have more doubts on this topic. We will answer them and update the topic. Learn more about complete list of bonuses we offer here.
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