What is Rakeback?

‘Rake’ basically is the amount of money that the “house” (in this case the site) makes directly from the players. In a game, the house takes a small amount out of every bet which in turn goes into the site’s revenue.

Rakeback enables you to get a percentage of this money back that the house took from you in rake. For every bet, you place you are eligible to get a certain percentage of that amount back. In easy words, it’s a ‘cash-back’ reward for a player!

One can say Rakeback is a continual and never-ending rebate on your online casino. Many crypto gambling sites do not offer Rakeback to their users as it is free money for the user to grab!

Eligibility: Available to all VIP level 14 or higher.

Rakeback (VIP14) - The amount of rakeback you get increases as your VIP levels do. You will earn either 5%, 7%, 10% or 15%. The formulas we use are:

VIP 14-21 Rakeback = Wagers 1% 5%
VIP 22-29 Rakeback = Wagers 1% 7%
VIP 30-37 Rakeback = Wagers 1% 10%
VIP38+ Rakeback = Wagers 1% 15%

(Remember the JB coin you were complaining about getting from the Lucky Spin? Well, you can use it to boost your rakeback an extra 5% for 1 hour.)
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