Announcement on BCGame VIP transfer

BCGame pioneered the transfer of VIP status between online Casinos. This is a great game rule, no matter where you are from or what your identity is, as long as you have been a gambler, you can join BCGame and become a part of BCGamer. Now our rules have been upgraded again, we decided to open to all gamblers, as long as you can provide proof of the total amount you spend on gambling, we will immediately transfer the VIP status based on the total Wager you provided (Note: The total wager should be in US dollars). The process is simple and fast. You can join the BCGamer family immediately. The benefits include that you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to acquire related BCGame VIP rights (such as free rain And catching COCO or something), does this make BCGame's VIP cheaper? Sorry, we just want to provide a multi-dimensional gambler symbiosis gambler home, BCGame is warm and inclusive, it has nothing to do with whether your account itself is cheap, you only need to choose whether you are willing to become a part of the BCGamer family.

User step:
Submit the application in the VIP BOT of BCGame ( - please note that this BOT is established on Telegram.
Submit the VIP Order number you got after completing the application to online support (
Complete the verification steps under the guidance of the customer service.

About the VIP verification steps:
Send your VIP Order number to customer service,
Send your total Wager details and screenshots to customer service,
Within 1 minute, use the other casino account you are being verified to send to the casino’s public chat room the unique "keywords" provided by the customer service to you.

Each account can only apply for one VIP transfer. Each account here refers to a BC account/TG account/other casino account; therefore, please do not disclose your VIP information to anyone else;
You need to make sure that the account that needs to be verified is not banned/blocked, that is, you need to make sure that you can send the unique "keywords" from the customer service to you within 1 minute;
The transfer of VIP will not affect any of your rights and interests in casinos other than BCGame;
After the customer service tells you that the VIP transfer is complete, your VIP level in BCGame will be successfully upgraded within 15 minutes;
After successful VIP transfer in BCGame, you will immediately unlock the rights and benefits of the corresponding level, but it does not include the rewards you can get when BCGame is upgraded, such as upgrading treasure chests and upgrading JB;
If the customer service informs you that the VIP upgrade has failed after the verification is completed, I am sorry to tell you that your account in other casinos has been verified and the upgrade was successful. BCGame will not give any additional explanation.

That’s all, welcome to join BCGame and become a BCGamer!
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