BC.Game Lottery

A provably fair algorithm is used to draw the lottery prizes.
Prizes are drawn at 15:00 UTC+0 everyday.
You can buy a ticket for $0.1. The sale of tickets stop at 14:50 UTC+0 everyday.
The player chooses six numbers for each ticket, the first five are from 1 to 36, and the last one is from 1 to 10.
You can choose numbers manually or automatically.
If you have BCL, you can use BCL to redeem Tickets.
Each draw produces six numbers.
The more numbers you match in the first five numbers, greater prize you will win.

How to play

Buy Tickets ( https://bc.game/buyticket )

Note : You can buy tickets using BCL and 32 other currencies which you can see on the Coin dropdown list.

What is BCL

BCL is a special currency launched by BC Game to our exclusive game BC Lottery. The main purpose of BCL is to buy tickets to our in-house game.

Each BCL currency is equivalent to $0.10 cents

Note: BCL cannot be deposited or withdrawn, but players can swap cryptocurrencies into BCL using our BC SWAP. Players can play games, tip, coindrop, and rain with BCL.

1 Ticket cost $0.10

Two ways to buy tickets:

a. Auto Generate

b. Manual Select

Note: Number of tickets will generate multiple tickets of the same combination; each buy generates one combination of numbers; to get different tickets with different combinations, one need to buy multiple times.

Wait for the Draw

Note : Draw Happens every 15:00 UTC+0 (Daily)

Check for Prizes ( https://bc.game/lottery/history )

Once the draw is over, come back to this page and check your prize.

Lottery Rules

Lottery results will be drawn daily at 15:00 UTC+0

Every ticket will have Five (5) Regular Numbers and One (1) Jackpot Ball Number

The first five Regular Numbers are from number 1 to 36

The Jackpot Ball Number is from numbers 1 to 10

Winning Prize Details:

All six numbers matched: $100,000 prize. In case you are not the only winner, you may need to share the equally with others.
Five numbers matched, and the sixth number is missed: Each ticket gets a $3,000 prize.
Four of the first 5 numbers matched: Each ticket gets a $20 prize.
Three of the first 5 numbers matched: Each ticket gets a $1 prize.
If all six numbers are missed, the lottery will be reserved for free, and continue participating in the next day's draw.


Lottery is drawn in 5+1 balls rule, with five regular balls taken from 36 numbers and a jackpot ball taken from 10 numbers.
Server seed: Each game generates a new server seed and publishes the string after Hash256.
Client Seeds: Get the ETH height at the end of the daily ticket purchase deadline, and use Hash after 20 blocks as the client seed.
First, use HMAC_SHA256 to calculate the hash value, which gives us a 64-bit character hex string:
hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed, serverSeed)
Then, take the 8 characters of hash and convert it to an int32 value. We divide the converted value by the 0x100000000, multiply by the number of balls, and the number is the winning position, according to which the corresponding ball is obtained.

BC.GAME Lottery is provably fair which means you can examine the results using online verifier and following data.

Server Seed (Hash)
Server Seed
Stop Block
Client Seed Block
Client Seed (Hashed)

The whole data including the file with purchased tickets is available only when ticket sales stopped.

To check fairness, simply click on the Provably Fair Icon

then click Verify

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